Decorating with natural materials

Decorating with natural materials: German

If you rarely go to nature in autumn and winter, because wet and cold are not particularly attractive, you should still do it. Because nature offers a rich selection of materials for crafting and decorating.

Great window decorations, decorative wall decorations or charming table decorations made of wood, moss, leaves, chestnuts, pine cones and other natural materials to comfort the cold season and create the right ambience for such activities as a festive dinner with friends or a cozy game night with the family.

On this topic page there are some suggestions and instructions for thatDecorating with natural materialsthat can also be implemented with children. After all, they also enjoy crafting natural materials.

Table of contents about decorating with natural materials

  • Table of contents about decorating with natural materials
  • Decorations of moss, twigs and other natural materials

If you are looking for further instructions and suggestions for handicrafts made of natural materials, you will find what you are looking for on the following topic pages:

  • Making gnomes, dwarfs and animals
  • Fall Crafts
  • Tinker with pine cones
  • Handicrafts with autumn leaves

Decorations of moss, twigs and other natural materials

Make flower and autumn wreath yourself

Two detailed binding instructions for an autumn vine wreath and a floral wreath of azaleas.

Make mini-terrarium yourself

From a glass bowl you design with moss, succulents, cacti and stones, plant granules and soil decorative mini-terrariums. - Illustrated guide with more ideas.

Amigurumi hedgehog "Emilio"

Detailed instructions for crocheting the cute hedgehog "Emilio" from residual wool

Advent arrangement in the moss bed with fence made of clothespin parts

Crafting instructions for beautiful Advent arrangement with candles from moss, surrounded by a clothespin fence
at crafts Kidsaction

Pine cones pendant

Bastelinspiration for pine cones with fabric ribbons as autumn decoration.
bei Binenstich

Build candlesticks from branches

Instructions for the construction of candlesticks from old branches or old wood.
at Artemus DesignVerein

Autumn garland with berries and pears [PDF]

Autumn garland of evergreen, decorated with pears, berries and bows. A pretty decoration for the mantel, the shelf or the table.
at USA PearsUSA Pears

Cones: Flowers made of pine cones

Decorative flower pendant for an autumn bouquet of pine cones shed. Creative and detailed illustrated instructions.
by Kathleen Palnau

Acorn girls

Decorative pendant figures for an autumn bouquet of felted acorns. Creative and detailed illustrated instructions. The quota women for the acorn men!
by Kathleen Palnau

Acorn males

Decorative pendant figures for an autumn bouquet of felted acorns. Creative and detailed illustrated instructions.
by Kathleen Palnau

Picture frame made of birch branches

Instructions for a simple but original picture frame made of birch branches and bast.
by Kathleen Palnau

leaves garland

Pretty foliage garland for autumn in the living room of autumn leaves. Decorative leaves are punched out of the leaves with the motif punch. Creative and detailed illustrated instructions.
by Kathleen Palnau

Forest arrangement for Advent

So you make a nice Advent arrangement with a tree slice, tealights, pine cones and chestnuts
at Kikisweb

Door wreath or door braid for Easter

Tie wreath or braid from dry grass, straw, hay and twigs with pussy willow and make Easter eggs.
at Nic tinkers

Wreath of pine cones

Instructions for a door wreath or arrangement of pine cones
at allfreecrafts

Decoration for the front door

from pine cones, spray paint, jute tape and hot glue gun

Hanging Basket

from pumpkin seeds
at bastelmann

Beach and shell image

Make a great holiday memory with collected shells and sand from your vacation.
at Baumarkt

Spring arrangement in gutter

Crafting instructions for a small mini garden with beetles, chicks and hedgehogs embellished with mosses.
at Creadoo

Christmas star

from pine cones. Simple but great guide
at creadoo

Hay heart for Valentine's Day

Instructions for crafting a romantic hay with birch branches, dried roses and ivy leaves.
at Creadoo

Tinker door wreath

Magical door wreath of pine cones make for the trusted home

Make bunnies with the fretsaw

Making bunnies out of plywood and branch forks. Jigsaw template and instructions for Easter decorations made of plywood and branches.

Wattle fence for shelter

Build a wicker fence out of twigs - this screen naturally fits in with the surroundings of the garden
at Wild Ones

autumn garland

Chestnuts, pine cones, acorns, nuts and beechnuts on winding wire become an autumnal garland
at Grids Bastelecke

Nature Mobile

Mobile with natural materials

Egg nest as a money gift

Easter basket for gifts of money from an old CD, kitchen roll, straw, feathers and small twigs.
at Hoppsala

Heart of dried moss

For Mother's Day or Valentine's Day make a moss heart with dried flowers and give away.
at Kidsweb

moss Bears

make for the spring decoration itself
at kidsweb

Wildcard stones

Name stones as original place cards for the children's birthday
at Kidsweb

Stones for the bed

Paint field stones with acrylic paint, fix with spray
at kidsweb

Leaves Rainbow

from maple leaves in yellow light green, orange, red and brown.
at Labbé

Easter egg tree

Crafting instructions for a small egg tree made of flower stems, twigs and moss.
at Zzzebra

Easter nest from branches

Step-by-step instructions for an Easter nest made from tendrils of the common clematis.
at My beautiful garden

Zapf garland

A tutorial for making a garland of big pine cones
at Twig & Thistle

Flying fish as a wind chime [PDF]

Elaborate wind chime with flying dragonfish made of waterproof Tyvek film for indoors and outdoors
at UHUSprache: German

Weaving Dreamcatcher [PDF]

Detailed instructions for the round weaving and weaving of a dream catcher made of cardboard, wool, crochet yarn and willow rods.
at UHUSprache: German

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