Decoration and gifts of paper mache

Decoration and gifts of paper mache: paper

paper mache orPappmaschee is a malleable, tough crafting materialglue or another binder and crushed, soaked (Old) paperwhich solidifies after drying. It is therefore easy and cheap to manufacture and is suitable for large and small craft projects - for all ages.

How about, for example, a decorative lamp or lantern for your own living room? And who needs a great wedding or birthday present? Here on this topic page there is a selection of links to great craft ideas forDecoration and gifts of paper mache.

We hope you enjoy crafting!

If you are looking for crafting ideas made of paper mache, you should look at the following topic pages:

  • Make Masks for Carnival itself
  • Make Halloween masks yourself

Decoration made of papier-mâché

Hot air balloon model made of paper mache

Crafting instructions for the decorative model of a (non-flyable) hot air balloon, which can be fixed to the ceiling.
at Pelikan Hobbywelt

Eggs made of paper mache

A crafting instructions for papier mâché eggs.
at Bastel-Elfe

Picture Frame

from different napkin motives
at bastelideen


make out of paper mache. Crafting for Halloween
when tinkering around the year

Sun of paper mache

to hang
at creadoo

Cardboard mesh chair

make your own. An exact guide
at creadoo

Fillable pumpkin to smash

Naschi pumpkin made of paper mache to hang. With spider web and witch hat
at Creadoo

Cactus lamp

An exact crafting instructions for a lamp made of paper mache
at expli

Pumpkin Scarecrow

Scarecrow with paper mache pumpkin Body of PVC pipes and straw
at instructables

Balloon Lantern

Making a papier-mâché lantern and a balloon with little children - Simple crafting instructions
at Heiliger Martin

Bouquet of egg carton

Colorful flowers with placard color to gift the mother, quickly homemade!

Cactus lamp made of paper mache

with oblong balloon, placard colors and fairy lights
at Pelikan-Hobbywelt

Star Wars: Death Star as a lantern

With balloon and paper mache. Death Star - Space Station.
for handicrafts for nerds: german

Patchwork coasters

make paper yourself with paper mache and beer mats
at WawerkoSprache: German

Gifts of papier mâché

Bridal couple made of papier mache

Make bridal couple heads of papier mache and fill with money. A great game with a gift for a hen party or a wedding
at Bastel-Elfe

Papier Mache Mice

Instructions for crafting a mouse bride and groom from Papier Machee. A great gift for the wedding.
at Creadoo


to make the birth itself. An instruction
at creadoo

Pigs from egg carton

Pink piggy banks made of bridal couple with paper mache tinker - Brief instructions with material list
at Creadoo

knight's castle

Make a knight's castle as a decoration for the children's birthday itself - Illustrated step-by-step instructions
at Expli

Mother's Day heart

made of papier-mâché. A great gift
at expli

Gift boxes made of papier mache

Illustrated crafting instructions a round and a heart gift box made of papier mache
at Initative-hobby-creative

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