The decoration of built-in and old window frames

The decoration of and with window frames includes two ways to implement creative design. On built-in windows, the frames can be visually embellished or old developed window frames can be rededicated to different functions and become decorative elements of jewelry in the device.

Design of the frame of built-in windows

Anyone who thinks about the visual appearance of their windows often overlooks the many possibilities of setting accents through the window frame. There are many ways to make a window frame participate in the decoration:

  • The color of the window frame can be chosen restrained and be identical, for example, with the surrounding wall color. As an alternative, intentional contrast is a popular design feature. From the natural wood grain to the brightly colored paint, the stylistic devices are enough.
  • Especially with plastic windows, foiling can lead to interesting optical stimuli. Wall tattoos may be misused and overflowed onto the glass.
  • A plastering of the window frame makes the frame virtually "disappear".
  • When wallpapering the window frame, the same effect is produced indoors, but can also be provided with a deliberate contrast.
  • On an already installed window, the window frame can be extended by retrofitting with rungs of suitable material.
  • For wooden frames carving for sculptural representations

Old window frames as decoration objects

There are many creative ways to turn an old window frame with or without glazing into an attractive decoration object. Some popular examples:

  • Picture or object frame as a wall decoration
  • "Blind" window with panoramic photography on the beach, sea, skyline o. Ä.
  • Conversion to a small greenhouse
  • Inserting a mirror
  • Table top for couch or side table
  • Inserting a blackboard or a plate lacquered with black lacquer
  • Unglassed use as a climbing aid in the garden or on the terrace
  • Cabinet or shelf door for small self-made Beistellkleinmöbel
  • Floating suspended frame for double-sided or transparent pictures
  • Chain-hung transparent shelf for plants o. Ä.

Tips & Tricks

An old window frame can also create an interesting and attractive decoration effect in unusual places. For example, you can integrate it into a garden wall or place it freely on a pedestal somewhere in the garden.

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