Decorative and practical: tiles for the kitchen floor

Tiles are not for nothing a classic under the kitchen floors. When choosing the right variety, they can withstand the highest demands, without suffering any visual restrictions. Liquids, moisture or grease splash do not bother them and underfloor heating has its full effect.

Hygienic and in many looks

Not for nothing commercial and professional catering kitchens are always equipped with tiles on the kitchen floor. In addition to the enormous resistance and durability, the simple and fast possible hygienic cleaning also withstands the strict laws.

The large selection of tiles in the appropriate abrasion classes three to five allows every taste to equip the kitchen floor according to personal preferences and design wishes. Stoneware, porcelain stoneware or ceramic glazed or unglazed meets every decor and color desire and often gives the utility room the atmosphere of a living room.

Properties of kitchen tiles

  • The water absorption capacity, divided into groups Ia, Ib, IIa, IIb and III. For the kitchen floor tiles should be at least IIa or better Ia or Ib.
  • The abrasion class, divided into zero to five, where groups four and five should be present on the kitchen floor.
  • The slip resistance, which are sorted into the Haftreibwert groups R9 to R13. For the kitchen floor tiles with R11 or higher are recommended.
  • The proven resistance to acid according to DIN EN ISO 10545-13.
  • The classification of the spot sensitivity according to DIN EN ISO 10545-14.

Reference value fifty euros per square meter

For the kitchen floor suitable tiles, which meet all the above criteria, are available in the majority in the price range between twenty and eighty euros. You can find examples for selection at and The less frequently offered cement tiles for the kitchen floor offers a large selection of

Tips & Tricks

The larger the individual tiles, the thicker they must be. As a guideline for 15 by 15 inches ten millimeters and at thirty times sixty at least twelve millimeters in thickness.

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