Make decoration branches

With pink and white organza cherry blossoms

Make decoration branches: decoration

Deco branches decorated with pink and white organza cherry blossoms in a transparent crystal vase: that's how you get a touch of Japanese beauty in the home. The cherry blossom is one of the most important symbols of Japanese culture and stands for beauty, departure and transience. The flowers of organza are of course not transient - so you have for years something of the tinkered decoration branches.

Organza called a very transparent and iridescent fabric. It is made from filament yarns such as organine-sutures, but also synthetic fibers that are interwoven into a single-wall binding.

material list

  • soldering
  • Hot glue gun
  • Organza fabric in pink and white tones (only synthetic fiber fabrics)
  • natural branches
  • Alternative: Branches with LEDs

Make decoration branches: cherry

Step 1: Cut out flower pattern

With a fine tip of the soldering iron From pink and white organzastoff fine flower patterns are cut out.

If you are unsure with the pattern, the flowers can be marked with a pencil on the fabric.

If no soldering iron is at hand, you can also easily use a pair of scissors or a utility knife.

Step 2: Individual flowers

Make decoration branches: blossoms

To make the cherry blossoms lifelike and give them one individual flair to lend, we have the following tip ready:

put three flowers on top of each other and in the middle with hot glue, look like real cherry blossoms.

However, with the hot glue gun you have to be careful - a small drop of glue is enough.

Step 3: Gluing

Make decoration branches: branches

Finally, the tinkered Flowers on the deco branches glued. Again, the hot glue gun should be used with care.

On little glue is enough to bring the fabric to the branches to stop.

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