Attach trim strips to the ceiling

The range of design possibilities with decorative moldings on the ceiling ranges from decorative corner moldings to comprehensive imitations, panel cassettes and historical stucco. Styrofoam is the ideal material for the elements and profiles. The low weight makes it easy to attach for a given plasterability and spreadability.

Types, shapes and optics

Ceilings have either bare and painted concrete surfaces or are wallpapered. On both surfaces can adorn moldings. Depending on the type of concrete or wallpaper a primer helps to improve the durability of the adhesive dots. The special adhesives must be free of solvents in order not to dissolve the Styrofoam.

The decorative strips can be attached as circumferential corner strips, can be combined to form a structure and can be supplemented with rosettes that accentuate stucco look. Depending on your personal taste, sober profile shapes are available in steps or rounding up to embossed decorations with floral and historical motifs.

Horizontal circumferential corner strips

Corner ledges give the upper room finishes a decorative transition to the ceiling, which eliminates the "nudity" of the corners. At corner corners and wall projections mitred corner strips form clean and often invisible transitions in the horizontal direction. The strips can be easily and quickly cut directly before attaching

Brush, plaster and imitate plaster

If trim strips are to be applied which should have their own different color from the ground, painting before fixing is recommended.

If the corner and trim strips are to be integrated in color and resemble a real piece of plaster, they are plastered to the wall and ceiling after fixing.

Special design ideas

The following creative approaches can be realized with ceiling strips:

  • Corner and hollow strips can serve as cable channels
  • Indirect lighting can be created by strips as panels
  • Luminaires integrated into strips such as LEDs can create "soft" room lighting
  • Several rectangles on the ceiling surface form optical cassettes, which appear as an imitation of wooden panels when painted accordingly

Tips & Tricks

When gluing corner and trim strips, pay special attention to the protection of the substrate environment from adhesive splashes or residues. A later coat will be poor on the remains and often stains.

Artikelbild: Volodymyr Burdiak / Shutterstock

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