Dispose of fryer and frying fat - where can you do that?

At some point even the best fryer will give up the ghost and can not be repaired anymore. In this article, you will learn where to dispose of them best and what to do with the resulting grease in order to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way.

Ways to dispose of the deep fryer

Fryers are household appliances. For electrical appliances basically own disposal routes apply.

Return at the dealer

Traders over a certain size are obliged by law to take back old devices if they are small devices. Many smaller traders also do this voluntarily, especially if they buy a new device afterward.

Larger dealers (the law says: "with a sales area of ​​more than 400 square meters") must take back fryers even if you do not buy a new device there. This is true as long as no edge of the fryer is longer than 25 cm. Otherwise, the dealer can tie the redemption back to a new purchase and refuse a pure return. For smaller edge lengths, he must take the device back

Tax in the recycling center

In the recycling depots, all electrical appliances can always be dispensed free of charge, regardless of their size. They are recycled there and their still usable components can be made useful.

Disposal of electrical appliances via household waste is the worst possible alternative. That should not be done.

Dispose of old grease

Even with the fat in the deep fryer, the recycling center is a good address. Greases, which are simply poured into the sink or flushed down the toilet, lead in the long run to serious deposits inside the sewage system. In the long term, these deposits can also cause pipe blockages.
Many recycling centers even offer extra collection containers for used oil, which are odor-tight and easy to transport. The fats collected in this way are then reused as raw materials for processes in the industry and thus well utilized. The levy in the recycling center represents the most sensible alternative.

Solid fats can also be easily disposed of with household waste. Frying fat is therefore a good option, because it cures when used again on cooling and thus can be disposed of well with household waste.

Tips & Tricks

If you get used to wiping old grease with kitchen towels from pans and pots and dispose of them with the household waste, you will make a valuable, not to be underestimated contribution to the environment. Wastewater treatment plants always have to contend with greasy wastewater, as well as municipal sewers. You can easily avoid that.

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