Fryer: How to dispose of the fat?

When using the fryer you have to change the used fat regularly and dispose of the old fat. How to do this best, what works best and what to look for when disposing of the fat, you will learn in our article.

Old fat in gastronomy and household

In the gastronomy, where much is fried and grilled, accumulate large amounts of fat. Gastronomy companies have to dispose of this grease specially - and pay for it.

This is more difficult in the household. Dumping grease or oil into the sink or toilet is not advisable. On the one hand, in the long term you risk being clogged with the drain yourself and creating massive deposits over time. On the other hand, it also harms the environment and makes water treatment plants unnecessarily difficult.

Even in the private household should therefore collect old fat. Who uses a deep fryer, in which fall on a regular basis considerable amounts of fat. These should definitely be collected separately.

Where to dispose of fat

The simplest option is household waste. Old grease can be easily disposed of with household waste.

Collecting and delivering at the recycling center is even more environmentally friendly. The fats collected are used as raw materials for various chemical processes, and so resources can be spared by producing or buying less new fats in the industry.

Many recycling centers also offer extra collection containers that close tightly and allow storage of the fat without odor nuisance.

At least solid fats are allowed in the bio-bin (but not everywhere). If this is allowed in your place of residence, you can inquire with the responsible local authority. But liquid fats are not allowed inside.

Use frying fat sensibly

Fats, which become a little firmer when cooled, are also good for bird feeding in winter: simply knead the fat with some seeds and seeds to make homemade dumplings and hang them outside. Fats are a valuable source of energy (not only for birds but also for humans).

Tips & Tricks

For the fryer, use frying fat rather than other suitable oils. It solidifies on cooling and is thus the easiest to dispose of.

Video Board: How to dispose of used cooking oil.