Drilling deep wells and plunking

In fact, drilling a deep well only differs in depth from drilling a clean groundwater well. Since depths of ten meters or more are usually not achieved with borrowed well drills, extensive drilling, professional drilling or rinsing continues the drilling.

Well depth and drinking water

A deep well is spoken from depths that exceed eight meters. Depending on the depth to be reached, drilling the well yourself may require an additional deepening method. It makes sense to have a drill diameter that allows for a drill ring of five or more centimeters, into which the filter gravel can later be filled.

If a deep well is to promote water that is to be used as drinking water, in addition to the obligatory registration for each groundwater well with the regional water authority, a permit from the health authority is required.

So you drill a deep well

  • Fountain pipe element à one meter
  • Clutches
  • Hemp and fermit
  • auger
  • spade
  • pipe wrench
  • clamp
  • Tripod
  • idler pulley
  • rope
  • Plunscher or gravel pump or can

Drill a hole

Dig a small drill hole with the spade at the chosen location. Insert the hand drill or the motor-driven drill into the approach hole and drill around fifty centimeters each. Pull the drill spindle out of the hole again, free it from the adhering soil and drill so many sections until you reach the water-bearing layer.

2. Pipe up

Insert the filter piece of the well pipe into the drill hole. Make sure it does not slip in completely. With a screw clamp you can attach a "fall protection".

3. Extend pipe

Screw pipe element to pipe element with the threads and sleeves and seal with hemp and / or Fermit.

4. Plunschen

When the well pipe has reached the water, start with the pluning by dropping the gravel pump into the borehole and pulling it up again and again with the rope over the pulley on the tripod.

Tips & Tricks

The pump in a deep well should be placed about one meter above the filter section to prevent uneven filter loads.

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