Dispose of defective dryer - where does it work?

Due to the often low purchase price for new dryers, a defective dryer is often very quickly a total economic loss. Where to dispose of the old dryer best, and what options there are, read here.

Disposal in the recycling center

Dryers contain a large amount of metal. That makes them valuable. You can either bring them to the recycling center or have them disposed of by specialist companies. On elektroschrott.de, for example, disposal is offered, but also offers Amazon when buying a new device optional disposal of the old.

Even electricians often accept old appliances or offer a disposal. When buying a new device, this often no fee is charged, which would often have to be paid at the local disposal company.

scrap dealer

Due to the high amount of valuable metals (for example in the drum: stainless steel), dryers are very popular with scrap dealers. Disposal is free here in any case.

Tips & Tricks

When the device is simply put on the road, in most areas it is often picked up by someone within a few hours. Also give away, for example to hobbyists, can be a possibility.

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