Can defective plywood be repaired?

Relatively many pieces of furniture are made of simple plywood under their handsome decor, this material can be damaged over time. For example, kitchen cupboards often tear in the hinge area of ​​the doors, but even during transport something can break. Then the question comes up: Can you actually repair plywood - and if so, with what?

How can plywood be repaired?

Especially in places where a certain strength and load capacity must be ensured, it depends on a high-quality repair. This is the only way to make it possible for your cabinet hinge to function in the long term without new defects occurring again and again.

So that means it has to be a sturdy repair material that bonds firmly to the plywood and restores the flat surface. Recommended for such cases are the extremely durable synthetic resins epoxy resin and polyurethane, which are available in the 2-component version.

If necessary, profiles and other three-dimensional surfaces can be reshaped with this repair material, so that at the end only a matching coat is missing. Smooth plywood surfaces are adjusted with the help of a spatula.

This is how the plywood repair works!

  • Blend according to instructions resin and hardener exactly in the specified ratio.
  • Put on rubber gloves.
  • Bring the mass with the spatula on the defective ground.
  • Form the synthetic resin as you like, with a spatula or with your hands.
  • Note the processing time!
  • Pay attention to as many connecting surfaces to the plywood, so that everything holds up well!

2-component synthetic resins usually form very well and then harden quickly. In the end, they become harder than the plywood and are expected to hold reliably even in stress areas.

However, the transitions between the plywood and the resin are always possible breakages, so it is so important to have many, well-processed connection surfaces.

Tips & Tricks

After the material has set, you can cut it, sand it, and drill holes. It is also possible to paint over or cover over with decorative foil to precisely match the patched area with the surrounding area.

Video Board: DIY: Damaged Plywood Subfloor Repair/Patch