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  • Building dryers are needed to rid a building of moisture after construction or renovation. This can for example have been created by a new screed. The devices filter water from the air and collect it in a container, which is emptied later.
  • If the moisture in the rooms remains, mold forms on the walls. This is a serious health risk for the residents. Even in the case of an existing mold problem, building dryers are used.
  • The quality differences are mainly in the air circulation and dehumidifier performance, so the amount of water, which can escape the building dryer in a certain period of air.

Bautrockner comparison 2018: dryer

In a survey in 2011, 17% of respondents said they have mold in their home. That is shocking, because mold can cause severe health problems such as allergies and asthma. There are many causes for the problem, but the solution is dry air.

Although homes dry naturally over time, the process is anything but fast and needs to be speeded up with the help of an appropriate air dryer if needed. The devices are easy to use and often have wheels so they can be easily positioned in the right space. Whether a screed needs to dry, you want to dehumidify a cellar or a water damage restoration is pending: In many forms of building drying, an electric dehumidifier is indispensable.

1. How does a building dryer work?

Bautrockner comparison 2018: bautrockner

The water tank of this unit holds seven liters and must be emptied every few hours.

The task of a construction dryer is the dehumidification of the room air. It basically does not matter which room it is, the device can be operated both in the bathroom, as well as in the living room or basement. There are different ways of working, which we will explain to you in tabular form.

Together they have the water in a container collected and later poured by the user into the drain. Only electricity is needed for the operation. If you want to know exactly how much electricity a building dryer uses, simply jump directly to the frequently asked questions.

There are basically three principles that an air dryer can use:

Air cooling with water separation
  • also as condensation drying designated
  • Device contains a compressor for cooling the heat exchanger.
  • Fan sucks moist room air into the building dryer
  • warm air condenses on the heat exchanger
  • Condensation drains into a container
  • slightly drier air flows back into the room
  • Bautrockner shuts off from a certain moisture content by itself
  • moist air is over water-binding (hygroscopic) liquid guided
  • Moisture from the air penetrates into the liquid, e.g. a saline solution, a & dilutes it
  • hygroscopic liquid gives off the water by heating again
  • Container with the liquid is brought to another room
  • Opposite absorption process: dehumidification works with hydrophobic (adsorbing) substance such as silica gel
  • Moisture from the air settles on the surface of the adsorbent
  • Silica gel must be dried regularly to absorb more liquid
The dehumidifiers from our Bautrockner comparison work with condensation drying.

1.1. Where are building dryers used?

Bautrockner comparison 2018: bautrockner

If the floor of a room is filled with new screed, it must dry completely before further work steps can be carried out.

The application areas are extremely diverse and affect every phase of the life of the house. Already after the construction a building dryer has to be used. The building materials, for example the screed as a basis for floor coverings, are initially moist and only gradually release this moisture.

Even 50 years ago, it was customary to heat the house in this phase, but Building dryers require less energy and are also more flexible, The foundation also contains a lot of moisture. Since you do not want to wait months for it to dry itself and the water can no longer pour into the walls, a built-in dryer is indispensable on any modern construction site.

Dry walls and floors save energy costs. A damp apartment heats up more slowly than a dry one with the same heat output. But that is not the main reason for the use of the building dryer: Much more important is the prevention and repression of mold. There is nothing more unpleasant for a tenant than mildew in his apartment.

1.2. Differences to other dehumidifiers

Bautrockner comparison 2018: room

Simple dehumidifiers consist only of a box with a granulate, which binds the humidity and must be changed regularly.

Many other machines carry different or similar names, but work on the same principle as the building dryer. Related sound already room dryer and air dryer. But dehumidifiers and dehumidifiers are actually nothing else. Whether a device belongs more to the category of building drying devices or other room humidification equipment, depends on the performance.

A small dehumidifier is well suited to keeping the climate in a room comfortable. That's good for your health - and by the way, for the buildings as well. However, if you want to dry the screed or tackle a water damage elimination, you need a powerful building dryer. A small dehumidifier is not up to the task in the long run and would take too long.

1.3. Your magic tool: the hygrometer

Bautrockner comparison 2018: dryer

Hygrometers are used to determine the humidity of a room. This will tell you if a room is too humid or too dry.

This little device can help you Determine humidity of a room, In households today are two types:

  • classic hair hygrometer: The measured value is determined by the extent of a bundle of human hair, which expand in moisture and contract again in the drying process. The amount of extension is displayed on a analogue scale, transmitted by a lever mechanism.
  • Electric absorption hygrometer: In these hygrometers, the humidity is measured by a hygroscopic layer between electrodes or capacitors in the device. The material of the layer changes its properties depending on the humidity, which is converted by sensors in the hygrometer into the humidity value.

You can buy a cheap device for just under 15 €; a worthwhile investment that can permanently save on expenses for more complex renovation or refurbishment.

Most hygrometers also include a temperature gauge and can be easily left on the bedside table or a chest of drawers. Some models also have a small one Alarm function, which indicates to the resident that the humidity has risen too high and the apartment must be ventilated.

2. Purchase criteria

In order to be able to determine your personal building dryer test winner, we give you in this purchase advice a brief overview of some of the most important quality features.

2.1. Performance, air circulation and dehumidifier performance

Bautrockner comparison 2018: bautrockner

Powerful building dryers dehumidify large spaces in a short time, but not necessarily for every application.

How much water room dehumidifiers can get from the air, is indicated by the so-called dehumidifier performance. It provides information on the maximum amount of water that can be filtered and collected in the catch basin within 24 hours.

This dehumidifier performance is due to two other factors: the air circulation and the performance of the device. Building dryers work electrically, their consumption is in the physical unit watt specified.

If the device has more power, it cools better and also sucks in more air. The amount of air can be read on the specification air circulation. Small appliances "process" about 100 cubic meters of air per hour, professional building dryers even create 500 to 1,000 when drying.

Since power consumption can be very high in a building dryer, Be careful not to buy oversized equipment. Although a large professional building dryer alone is able to free a small house from humid air, but in a single room a compact dehumidifier is sufficient.

There are also small dehumidifiers without electricity. However, these are not suitable for extracting large amounts of moisture from the air. They are suitable for people who like to have a slightly drier climate in the home for health reasons.

2.2. Volume of the water tank

Bautrockner comparison 2018: bautrockner

The white plastic container collects the water extracted from the air.

It may sound banal, but the size of the container into which the water filtered from the water drips should not be left out of consideration at the time of purchase. Most dehumidifiers can hold three to seven liters of liquid. After that, the canister must be emptied manually to prevent overflow. Some building drying devices are able to independently check the filling level and to interrupt work in time.

2.3. Automatic shutdown

Almost all drying devices can be programmed to stop their work automatically. The user selects the desired humidity and turns on the room dryer. As soon as the air has reached the appropriate level, the device will go off by itself. The advantage of this system is obvious: dehumidifiers do not need to run for a long time and make dry air even drier than it would be necessary because the owner can not be on-site at the right time and switch off the device. And who wants to sit permanently like a babysitter and stare at the hygrometer?

3. How can I prevent mold?

to Prevention of mold growth you should always be for dry air in your apartment. The experts from the Federal Environmental Agency recommend to pay attention to the following points:

Who is responsible for the mold?

Whether lack of ventilation or poor quality of construction are the cause of mold is often not easy to determine. Stiftung Warentest therefore advises that a corresponding expert opinion be obtained in the event of a dispute. If the renter is right, the rent can be reduced.

In living rooms, you should ventilate regularly. If the humid air is not released from the apartment every few hours, water droplets form on the pane. If there are other sources of moisture in the room, eg. B. many plants or a clothes horse, the ventilation is to be followed very strictly.

However, it is not recommended to keep the windows permanently tilted because this drastically increases the heating demand. You will pay for it with your next service charge bill. If you ventilate intermittently, then the air temperature quickly rises again. The ventilation period is too short for furniture and walls to cool down and then release cold again.

The bedroom windows should be permanently tilted only at night, as you will not or only slightly heat the room during this time. Here the window can also be left tilted. If this is not possible due to the road noise from outside or the low temperatures in winter, you should definitely open the windows in the morning after getting up and ventilate the air.

Bautrockner comparison 2018: 2018

In the case of smaller mold stains, a mold remover for spraying can also be the first remedy. However, such remedies do not eliminate the cause of the mold infestation,

Particular attention should be paid to the kitchen and bathroom. By bathing, showering and cooking it comes here for a short time to extremely high air humidity, which must be reduced as fast as possible. Open the windows immediately after taking a shower and make sure that the air is drawn to the outside (and not into the rest of the apartment). Any puddles of water should be wiped up directly. In addition, a bath fan can provide important services here.

Do not forget the basement: this room must be ventilated from time to time. During the summer this should happen at night and early in the morning. The hot air of the day can otherwise create moisture on the cold cellar walls - and thus do the opposite of what you had intended with the airing yes.

We have summarized some other tips in bullet points for you:

  • If there is no room for that elsewhere clothes horse and this must be placed in the living rooms, you should tilt the window in the room in question, keep the door closed, but not completely switch off the heating.
  • After a renovation The humidity should be kept in view with a hygrometer. In particular, when old windows are replaced by new windows, increased ventilation may be necessary in the future.
  • Even with modern ones new buildings, which has been deprived of moisture by a building dryer, is in the first one to two years Reinforced airing is indispensable.

Further information is also available in this video from a tenant association expert:

4. Important manufacturers

In the Building Dryer Test 2018 you will find both classic brands and cheap competition models.

  • Aktobis
  • Atika
  • Comedes
  • Comfee
  • Duracraft
  • Einhell
  • Heylo
  • master
  • sun King
  • steel man
  • Trotec
  • TTK
  • Wilms

5. Questions and answers around the subject of building dryers

5.1. How long do you have to use a building dryer?

Bautrockner comparison 2018: dryer

In winter too often prevails in the car too high humidity. Remedy handy dehumidifier with activated carbon filling.

The duration can vary greatly. It depends mainly on two factors: what is the Bautrockner used and what device is it?

If a new building is to be dehumidified, it will take three to four weeks. When it comes to the elimination of water damage, it still has to be calculated with one to two weeks. The starting point is a continuous operation of the room dryer. However, it also depends on which dehumidifier he has. Ultimately, you can not help keeping track of the humidity of the room with a hygrometer.

5.2. How much electricity does a building dryer use?

To answer this question, you must use the power of the built-in dryer, which is expressed in watts. Different devices have different strengths, so consumption varies as well.

A small dehumidifier is sufficient with 200 watts. However, the scale is open at the top. Devices with 1,000 watts and more are not uncommon - but also do extraordinary things. They are correspondingly expensive, both in acquisition costs, as well as electricity needs.

We will use a simple example to calculate how much power can be consumed for one day: Let's assume a building dryer with 350 watts of power. That would be an average device, not a high-class device, but not the slowest. In one hour this unit consumes 350 watt hours of electricity.

Bautrockner comparison 2018: bautrockner

If you want to dehumidify very large rooms in a short time, you can also combine several powerful devices.

Since the unit kilowatt-hour is more common, we have to divide the value by a thousand (kilo = thousand) and so come to 0.35 kilowatt-hours. On a day that is known to last 24 hours, the example device also consumes 24 times that amount, that is, (0.35 x 24 =) 8.4 kiwowatt hours / kWh. With this amount you have to calculate if you run it around the clock. Your electricity supplier is happy about the number, whereas you can celebrate over a dry booth.

5.3. What does a building dryer cost per day?

That depends entirely on consumption and electricity costs. For the sake of simplicity we want to stick to the example from the previous chapter, a building dryer with 350 watts. This devours 8.4 kilowatt hours a day. At an electricity price of 29 cents / kWh (a current average value) that would be about € 2.44.

5.4. Is it worth it to rent a building dryer?

Of course you can also rent a corresponding dehumidifier in Obi, Hornbach or Toom. This raises the question of whether you really need the device only for a one-time action, or possibly want to access it later.

If moisture is a permanent problem in the home, it pays off (apart from going to the tenant association) to buy an air dryer, which you can quickly get out of the basement if necessary (or even for a cellar dehumidification can even stand there directly).Hiring at the hardware store is not exactly cheap and the transport of a good and fifteen-pound device is really no fun.

We briefly summarized the advantages and disadvantages of a purchased versus a rented construction dryer:

  • always available, even in an emergency
  • does not have to be laboriously transported
  • can be awarded to friends / acquaintances
  • high initial investment

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