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  • Delta sanders (also: triangular sanders) have an elongated handle with a triangular sanding disc at the end. This is quite small with about nine centimeters edge length, so that the delta sander can penetrate even in places that are unreachable for other grinding machines.
  • Due to its low abrasion, the delta sander is best suited for corners, edges and angles, ornaments and narrow strips. For large surfaces, however, the sanding plate is too small. Here are other types of grinders used.
  • Although the delta sander is ideal for surfaces made of wood, it quickly removes paints, varnishes and adhesives. But even metal and plastic can be processed with this power tool. Always pay attention to sanding sheets with suitable grain size.

Delta sander comparison 2018: 2018

Grinders are numerous on the market and each has its own purpose. The delta sander is characterized by its triangular sanding plate (corner measure approx. 90 mm). This can be particularly good corners and angles reach, Because of her, he is also called a "triangle sander". Due to the vibrations of only a few millimeters and the grains on the sanding sheet, the device rubs tiny particles off the surface.

Delta sander comparison 2018: sander

Corners are the favorite opponent of the delta sander.

Different materials can be processed, mostly wood and metal grades, It is important to choose the correct sanding sheet (see chapter 3). They can be stripped of paint, for example, so that later a new coat can be applied.

In the Delta Sander Comparison 2018, we will explain important characteristics of this very special sander. We discuss accessories such as dust collection cassettes and carrying cases in the purchase advice. Lastly, let's take a quick look at the sanding paper.

1st technique - the basics

Two figures are obvious to the customer, but they have only limited informative value on the quality of the delta sander: power consumption and oscillation frequency. The first one designates the Power consumption of the device, To give you a clue: a delta sander needs about a tenth of what a hair dryer consumes and about twenty times a medium sized refrigerator.

Delta sander comparison 2018: 2018

With many thousand oscillating movements per minute, the delta sander gives surfaces a proper rubdown.

The second number describes the Vibrations which the grinding plate makes per minute, At 20,000 per hour, that is still several hundred oscillations per minute. This vibration is only perceived as vibration. However, in a comparatively delicate power tool such as the delta sander, the pure oscillation frequency is not decisive for the quality. It's more about longevity, handiness and the weight of the device.

The Sandpaper is made by Velcro on the sanding plate attached. This system has proven itself over many years and will definitely meet you when you buy a new delta sander.

A simple trick to save a lot of sandpaper is to turn the sanding pad so another corner faces forward. This is not possible with the delta sanders of some brands and the sanding sheet has to be peeled off and glued on again, which in the long run makes the velcro fastener of the sanding plate.

2. Accessories to watch out for

Dust extraction

Delta sander comparison 2018: comparison

On the right: the vacuum suction connection for dust bags or vacuum cleaners. Left the power cord. The wheel can be adjusted with the wheel.

The Small holes in the sandpaper are intended for dust extraction, All delta sanders have this technique. Behind the holes, all abrasive dust is quickly and unbureaucratically sucked through a channel in the device to the other end of the grinder.

There you will find one Suction nozzle to which a workshop vacuum cleaner with filter or a dust collecting cassette can be connected, If necessary, a small adapter is necessary, which is sometimes included in the delivery. The dustbag empties the user after work in the trash. Unfortunately, with cheap delta cutters, it is often not part of the supplied accessories.

Do not give up on a sensible dust extraction - for the sake of your lungs. Sanding dust has lost nothing in the body.

Carrying case

Worth mentioning is also the tool case, which some manufacturers add to their grinder. That's how it is Machine always conveniently stowed, is not unfavorable in the closet or collects dust.

3. Sandpaper with matching grain

Delta sander comparison 2018: sanding

Abrasive sheets of different grain size intended for wood. On the left coarse paper with grain size K60, on the right fine paper with grain size K180.

Sandpaper is available in all possible gradations: from coarse to fine, there are numerous intermediate stages and each has its own purpose. The Rule of thumb: Start with a coarse grain (a lot of abrasion) and work your way up to a finer grain (little abrasion), Do not make too big jumps in between, otherwise the final result suffers.

Some manufacturers are already adding a small sandpaper set. This is nice and gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the device. In the long run, however, you will not be able to avoid buying a larger range of sanding sheets - especially as they are also used piece by piece.

Delta sander comparison 2018: sander

4. Safety first

Delta sander comparison 2018: sanding

With the right protective clothing you are prepared for all mishaps.

Not every handyman (and some pro) likes to hear it, but proper safety clothing is a must on many power tools. Above all, you should not do without good safety gogglesbecause swirling dust and swarf get into your eyes and cause injury.

Likewise, a mouthguard is recommended. Further Ways to prevent tiny particles from entering the respiratory tract are via an attached vacuum cleaner or a dust collecting cassette on the device as well as a well-ventilated workstation. Hearing protection headphones are not essential for short operations, but make working even more enjoyable. From a legal point of view, they are mandatory from 85 dB (but are recommended from 80 dB).

5. Family members

A grinder seldom comes alone. For the diverse applications in home and workshop very different types of grinding machines are needed. Although we focus on delta sanders in this comparison (whose triangular sanding plate is reminiscent of the shape of the ancient Greek letter Delta), we briefly present related grinders in tabular form to help you keep track of the "Grinder Jungle" category:

  • belt sander
  • sander
  • Random Orbit Sander
  • Multischleifer
You already know the delta sander. It is characterized by a small sanding plate in triangular shape. Its handle is elongated, so even difficult to reach corners can be edited.

Delta sander comparison 2018: 2018

Delta sander comparison 2018: comparison

The belt sander is a rather rough comrade, A sanding belt wrapped around the wheels continues to spin like the chain on a tank. So he achieves a strong abrasion. He is therefore only suitable for large surfaces, from which much material must be removed.
The orbital sander works a bit finer, Its rectangular plate performs tiny vibrations. Although it does not achieve as much abrasion as the belt sander, it can also remove thinner layers of paints or other unwanted substances over a large area.

Delta sander comparison 2018: sanding

Delta sander comparison 2018: sanding

A special feature of the Orbital sander: Its sanding pad is round and turns around its own axis, In addition he is eccentric mounted under the motor, so that in addition small oscillating circuits are carried out. Its extraordinary shape makes it to ideal grinding machine for uneven surfaces, but it is useless in corners.
Where the orbital sander despairs, the Multi-grinder shine. He has a triangular, but elongated sanding plate and is effectively the all-rounder among the sanding equipment, Although it is compact, but not quite as small and elongated as a delta sander.

Delta sander comparison 2018: sander

Grinding machines are almost always powered by a power cord, as a battery would not last long, Battery delta sander are not known to us, but there are battery multi-sander and cordless multifunction tools, which have a grinding attachment.

Stiftung Warentest has so far not carried out a detailed delta sander test and criticized only one cheap device from Lidl, which therefore did not recommend itself as the future delta sander test winner.

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