Demineralized water - what qualities does it have?

Which properties demineralized water has and what they are based on reveals the following article. Whether there is a health-promoting effect of demineralized water, or whether there are even dangers to health when drinking. Read on here.

Mineralization of water

Any water that is later treated to drinking water is initially rainwater. The first ascending through the evaporation and rain condensing water is practically distilled water.

Only when hitting the ground and passing through the ground, the water absorbs minerals from the soil before it collects in groundwater pools. The mineralization depends on the soil condition. It decides what type and amount of minerals accumulate in the water.

In principle, however, it can always be assumed that any type of mineralization, as long as it is of natural origin, has a healthy effect on the human body.

Removal of minerals

The removal of natural mineralization can be done either by ion exchange equipment or by a reverse osmosis system. In both cases, completely demineralized water is produced.

It is needed in many technical areas, and can also serve as a replacement for distilled water. It is not free of pollutants. Residues from the ion exchange resins can additionally contaminate the water.

Because water hardness is based on mineral solutes in water, demineralised water has a degree of hardness of zero. All Ca + and Mg + ions are completely removed from the water.

Other properties of demineralized water

The lack of minerals also leads to a decrease in pH. Like rainwater, demineralised water has a pH of 5 to at most 6.5, depending on the amount of dissolved carbon dioxide in the water.

It reacts like a weak acid and dissolves substances better than ordinary tap water. This makes it a very good cleaning agent. In biology and chemistry, it is sometimes used as a solvent and as a cheaper alternative to distilled water.

Health effect of demineralised water

Drinking demineralized water is not healthy. Due to its aggressive properties and lack of natural minerals, it quickly releases a high amount of vital minerals and trace elements from within the body.

Minerals are used in the body for buffering acids and alkalis and are important for maintaining a constant pH. In the absence of high levels, severe disorders of body chemistry are the result.

Tips & Tricks

In any case, you should only drink naturally mineralized water, such as spring water or tap water. Everything else is not recommended.

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