Demolition Hammer Comparison 2018

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  • A demolition hammer is an electric, pneumatic or gasoline powered tool used for rough and fine demolition work on buildings. With the chisel attached to the device, for example, floors can be broken, tiles or mortar removed from the walls, or walls torn.
  • One distinguishes between demolition hammers and chisels or chisels. The former have very powerful engines and are used for rough demolition work. The latter have a higher impact rate with lower engine power, which are primarily suitable for punctual crashes.
  • Depending on which task you want to do with the demolition hammer, there are suitable chisel attachments, which are clamped in the holder. These differ mainly by the width of the tip and thus, on which surface the impact energy is distributed.

Demolition Hammer Comparison 2018: demolition

Create, create, build a house ": This phrase from the Swabian is also adopted by many Germans, especially when it comes to building a house, because the majority of Germans who are thinking of buying a property would prefer a pre-existing one Decide object.

This thought is over Reasons of sustainability quite praiseworthy, however, a used home often requires some renovation work. This usually requires heavy equipment. Therefore we have in ours Demolition hammer test 2018 Take a close look at demolition and caulking or chisel hammers thrown.

Because in addition to the performance of the device, primarily by the Engine power, the stroke rate and the impact force is determined, it is precisely as a handyman a lot to consider in the application. When working with the demolition hammer on the often mineral material has an enormous kinetic energy, which smashes this energetic. A certain level of occupational safety measures is necessary to prevent the demolition from ending in the emergency room.

1. The wall must go - demolition hammers and their properties

Demolition Hammer Comparison 2018: demolition

Demolition hammers are essential in the removal of old buildings.

A demolition hammer is always used when existing ones solid structures like walls or floors on a large scale tore off Need to become. The device has a drive that is moved electrically, pneumatically or with an internal combustion engine. The real work is done chisel attachmentwhich is held by a chuck. The name relationship to the hammer stems from the fact that the drive the material to be processed by means of small, high-frequency beats of the chisel makes and smashes.

Depending on the area of ​​application and material, the chisel comes to a point or is flattened at the front and wide. Used is the demolition hammer to Tear or cancel concrete, screed or tiles, for example when building a house or during renovation work, but also for excavating trenches or for pruning asphalt.

The motorized chisel replaces or supports other tools like this Chisel or the spade and accelerates all work associated with demolition.

We provide the undecided here Advantages and disadvantages of a demolition hammer at a glance:

  • fast and effective tearing off and breaking off hard materials like concrete
  • high impact force - less effort
  • different chisel attachments for different jobs
  • relatively loud
  • much heavier than a hammer and a chisel

2. Demolition made easy - different types of demolition hammers

No matter what you want to tear down and rebuild: there is the right demolition hammer for it. First of all, a distinction is made between demolition hammers and Stemmhämmern or chisel hammers. The former are very well suited for vertical work, ie for the breaking up of floors and foundations. The latter are used when you want to break tiles off the walls or make a breakthrough through a wall.

Which properties To distinguish these two categories as well, see the following overview:

demolition hammer

Demolition Hammer Comparison 2018: 2018

  • particularly powerful, robust engine
  • high impact
  • lower score
  • high dead weight (at least 10 kg)
  • very good for Working on floors suitable

Demolition Hammer Comparison 2018: 2018

  • less powerful engine
  • lower impact force
  • high stroke rate
  • lower dead weight (max 10 kg)
  • very good for Working on walls suitable

3. Demolition and construction - purchase advice for demolition hammers

3.1. The engine power - with force through the wall

Demolition hammers for the home improvement are usually with a Electric or gasoline engine driven. With these devices, the engine power given in watts gives a first impression of how strong the drive is. The higher the wattage, the better the demolition hammer can smash a material. For demolition hammers are values ​​between 1,600 and 1,800 watts usual, caulkers are with approx. 900 to 1,300 watts slightly underperforming.

Danger: Engine performance is not the only critical parameter of the force your demolition hammer can deliver when smashed. Equally important are the stroke rate and effectiveness.

3.2. The Beat - The crowd does it

The Blows of a demolition hammer is given in beats per minute. Again, the values ​​differ depending on whether it is a demolition or a chisel hammer. Demolition hammers usually create between 1,400 and 1,900 beats per minute, Chisel hammers beat in between 2,000 and 4,000 times per minute on the material.

A higher impact rate guarantees a particularly in softer or coarse-pored materials such as mortar or tiles high work pace, If you want to smash harder or denser construction materials such as concrete or screed, a lower impact rate in combination with a more powerful engine, however, is preferable.

3.3. The power of impact - peppy smash

Joule and punch

The Unit Joule was named after the British physicist James Prescott Joule, who dealt primarily with energy transformation. So he could prove that mechanical energy for the heating of water is converted into heat energy. This transformation was also called heat equivalent. Today, the unit is used in many cases to the amount of energy to describe that is needed for various kinetic and thermal processes such as the movement of a weight or the heating of a liquid.

The third important parameter defining the performance of a demolition hammer is the Impact force or impact energy, She will be in Joule and indicates the kinetic energy (kinetic energy) that is released when the bit strikes a material. The higher the power, the better harder is the punch, This is especially important if you want to smash relatively solid materials such as concrete or rock.

With regard to the usual values, demolition and stemming hammers differ noticeably again. Demolition hammers often have an impact force of over 30 joules. Stemmhämmer are usually in the range between 8 and 30 Joule.

3.4. The tool holder - fits, wobbles, has air

Similar to a drill, a demolition hammer has a system for tool holder, This bracket is sometimes referred to as a chuck and serves to the corresponding tool attachment (Chisel or drill) securely on the device to attach.

Most demolition hammers in our comparison have a so-called tool-free recording system like SDS or SDS-plus or SDS-max. Common to all of these systems is that you do not need an additional tool such as a hex wrench or screwdriver to open or close the chuck to change the attachments. Instead, that will Thread of the bracket simply opened by hand and tightened again. So if you want to buy a demolition hammer, make sure that changing the attachment is as tool-free as possible.

Tip: Important for the various SDS systems is that they can only fit the appropriate essays. The shank of the bit or drill has a specific pattern of grooves in SDS brackets that engage the chuck and thus secure the attachment. So check from the demolition, if the chisel fits to your demolition hammer!

4. The right attachment for every application - the most important types of demolition bits

If you have found your personal test winner among the demolition hammers, then it still applies the right accessories to select for your construction project. Because chisel is not the same chisel! For professional removal of tiles, for example, another essay is required as for the breaking of concrete.

So that you do not lose track of the large selection, we have the most relevant for you Chisel types listed and briefly explained their field of application:

cutter typeapplication

Demolition Hammer Comparison 2018: hammer

  • tapering
  • Strength concentrates on minimal area
  • well suited for all materials, especially for opening and breaking
flat chisel

Demolition Hammer Comparison 2018: comparison

  • tapering, relatively narrow
  • Impact is distributed a little flat
  • especially suitable for removing excess concrete or mortar residues
Spade chisel

Demolition Hammer Comparison 2018: demolition

  • flat, medium width
  • Impact is distributed relatively wide area
  • well suited for breaking thin layers of material (screed, plaster, tiles)
tile chisel

Demolition Hammer Comparison 2018: 2018

  • as wide as flat chisel, tip slightly angled
  • Distributed impact force, leverage through angles
  • especially suitable for tiling
wide chisel

Demolition Hammer Comparison 2018: demolition

  • flat, very wide
  • Impact is especially wide distributed
  • suitable for all materials, useful for wide, large areas (concrete, roofing felt, asphalt)
Conclusion: The wider the chisel, the more effectively you can break up large areas. However, the impact is distributed accordingly to a wider area. For puncture breakup a pointed chisel is therefore the instrument of choice.

5. Safety first - safety at work

That's why concrete dust is so dangerous

Concrete consists of mineral raw materials like gravel and sand, mixed with cement binder. The latter contains, among other things, quartz sand. If you breathe now quartz particles, which are thrown at the demolition of concrete parts in the air, permanently, responds with the lungs scarring, These fibrosis affect the lung volume and gas exchange in the alveoli sustainably and lead to shortness of breath. Furthermore, fumed silica is considered carcinogenic.

As with all craft projects may of course also when breaking off walls or breaking up of the floor Osh not be neglected. Just when you are working with heavy equipment like demolition or stomping hammers, there are a few Precautions so that the home improvement project does not end up in the hospital.

Important are above all:

  • the right protective clothing: Without safety shoes with reinforced steel caps and sturdy work gloves, you should never work with the demolition hammer.
  • protected ears: Ear protection is mandatory because the demolition hammer can generate sound pressure of up to 100 dB.
  • protected eyes: Robust goggles prevent rock or concrete splinters from striking your eyes and causing serious injury.
  • a safety helmet: Especially when working overhead, a helmet is essential to protect you from falling concrete chunks.
  • a mouthguard: In demolition work in confined spaces, large amounts of dust develop that you should not breathe under any circumstances.

Demolition Hammer Comparison 2018: 2018

6. Questions and answers about demolition hammer

6.1. Did Stiftung Warentest test demolition hammers?

No, so far the experts of Stiftung Warentest have not carried out a test on demolition hammers. However, they give in the May 2003 issue TipsWhat home improvement must consider when working with concrete, mortar and screed.

All of the three building materials included Cement as a binder, Because this mineral binder a very high pH direct or indirect skin contact leads to severe chemical burns. In a study of the University of Würzburg, the research group led by the dermatologist Dr. Heiko Poppe states that cement is the most severe acute contact dermatitis in a test group of 54 patients.

6.2. Which gear oil do I need for my demolition hammer?

Even the engine of the best demolition hammer has to be supplied with oil from time to time, so that it continues to run smoothly. For most devices are suitable gear oils with the API classification GL4 or GL5, If you want to know exactly, in case of doubt help the operating instructions or the manufacturer.

6.3. Can I also rent a demolition hammer?

Yes, that is possible. Especially if you plan extensive demolition work, it may be cheaper to hire a professional demolition hammer in the hardware store or at the construction machine rental borrow instead of buying a cheap electric demolition hammer or a stun mallet.

These demolition hammers usually work with compressed air (Attention, compressor necessary!) Or gasoline and thus have a higher power and greater performance. Such demolition hammers can also be used as a pile driver if, for example, you plan to build a fence.

Danger: The higher the striking power, the higher is the recoil according to the third Newton's law! Accordingly, working with more powerful devices is more exhausting.

6.4. Which works should be done better by a professional?

With a little practice you can just minor demolition work in the interior relatively easy to do yourself, provided that you follow the necessary safety precautions for occupational safety exactly. How exactly you should proceed when demolishing or smashing different materials and what tricks it is for the individual steps gives you this video reveals:
However, as soon as there is more extensive demolition work such as the Gutting a building or if you are not sure whether the wall to be torn represents a supporting element in the house, you should take precautionary measures Contracting specialistwho takes over the demolition.

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