Performance description for flat roof insulation

thermal barrier

Cost € 3,682

  • Type of insulation: thermal barrier coating
  • Ventilation roof: not ventilated
  • Insulation: polystyrene foam
  • Short name Insulation: EPS
  • Delivery form Insulation: plate
  • Total number of layers: 2
  • Total thickness [mm] multilayer insulation: 280
  • Rated thermal conductivity [W / (mK)]: 0.035
  • Lamination version: without lamination
  • Designation Insulation: DAA - external insulation Roof / ceiling under waterproofing, weather-protected
  • Abbreviation Pressure resistance Insulation: dm - medium
  • Class Fire Behavior: B1 (flame retardant) DIN 4102-1
  • Standard insulation material: DIN EN 13163
  • Attachment: heat-activated adhesive bonding on existing vapor barrier
  • Component, insulation: flat roof insulation

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