The design of entrance stairs involves three factors

The design of entrance stairs offers the combination of three features. While the structural conditions and the space available play a decisive role in the selection of the form, materials and the type of construction are freely selectable. With regard to railings, building regulations must be observed.

staircase shape

In most cases, an entrance staircase has to bridge between one and two meters in height difference, resulting in a one-digit number of steps. As a staircase form usually a single-entry and a straight plan are selected.

For a staircase are podium stairs, where the upper end of the step before the door forms a comfortable plateau. With a corresponding space and pitch height can be mounted semi-curved stairs with circular arc.

Stair forms with a large footprint are two-way beginning and on the pedestal tapered Y-stairs. A decorative alternative are pyramid and conical stairs that lead to the pedestal from all three accessible directions as a flight of steps.

making material

For the design of one of entrance stairs can be selected from some materials. Important are the weather and frost resistance and a durable stability and resistance to traffic and weight loads. Therefore, wooden stairs are rarely chosen as entry stairs. Common materials are:

  • Galvanized and corrosion-free steel stairs
  • Cast concrete stairs with or without cladding
  • Natural stone stairs
  • Stone stairs made of brick, natural or cast stone
  • Combinations such as concrete or steel girders with attached steps of a different material

Construction type and structure

The construction or the construction types of entrance stairs are diverse. Basically, you have to decide between a solid staircase and an open staircase. Massive stairs are usually made of stone or concrete and clad according to taste.

As open staircases, substructures made of steel or spars made of reinforced concrete are usually chosen when planning external stairs. Most entrance stairs are constructed without cheeks, but this is also possible.

Other design elements are the lighting of the staircase, a canopy and the wall design, when the staircase runs along a wall.

Tips & Tricks

Pay attention to the building regulations and from how many steps a handrail or railing is prescribed.

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