Design options with parquet at a glance

Parquet can be designed in many different ways. Just by changing to a different or less common method of laying, the floor can become an interesting eye-catcher. You can find out which options are still available here.

laying patterns

The well-known regular ship floor band, in which the parquet looks like a regular staggered clinker wall, is certainly not the last word in wisdom. It is the best known and most common way of laying strip parquet, but by no means the only one. There are also many other possibilities.

Irregular laying way

A parquet floor is already experiencing a lot of stimulation, if you do not design the laying method regularly, but deliberately irregular. The bars are simply offset laterally irregularly.

This "wild bandage", which is also the rectangular plaster, creates a very restless floor, which must be mitigated by the rest of the interior design again something.


The herringbone laying method has come in the last few decades, something out of fashion, but was formerly very common.

The classic herringbone pattern is suitable for large rooms, for smaller rooms, the French herringbone pattern is the better alternative, because it does not seem so radical.

dice associations

The individual bars can be combined into "cubes". The resulting squares are always moved to the neighboring square rotated by 90°. This creates a very harmonious cube look. The pattern is still one of the more common types of installation.

Old German and English federation

Both laying patterns have the same structure, with the Old German Association only a double row is always executed instead of a simple row.

The pattern is reminiscent of a wickerwork wall. It is usually laid diagonally in space, from one corner to the other.

basket-weave '

A so-called wicker floor is already quite difficult to lay, because when laying in individual "packages" must be thought. The look is a bit like a coarse braided fabric that extends from one corner of the room to the other diagonally opposite.

The wicker floor structure can be made even more compact, the resulting appearance is more reminiscent of lichen structure with cube-shaped pattern.

Head floor

An interesting and eye-catching floor design is the ladder floor. Here always transverse and longitudinal rods alternate with each other. This pattern is also easy to lay.

Change colors

Parquet can basically be repainted (in unsealed condition). There are various methods for this:

  • paint
  • pickle
  • Liming (can produce interesting effects if carried out gently)
  • glaze

Before the application, however, you should definitely discuss with a specialist, and get the paint, glaze or stain in the paint shop.


Panel parquet is expensive and laborious to produce, but can be a way to create a very individual floor, possibly with self-designed coat of arms symbols or designs.

In addition to the classic, prefabricated designs, which can often look impressive antique, there is also the possibility to implement self-designed designs. However, the cost is not to be underestimated. It will be even more expensive if inlay work (ie inlaid work) should come to it.

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