Designer living room: 5 furnishing tips for your oasis of peace

The living room serves equally as a feel-good oasis for the family and as a reception salon for guests. The decor reflects the personality of the residents. It testifies to individual taste. To give your room an exclusive nuance, for example, a designer furniture replica is an eye-catcher. Accessories and lighting draw attention to it. With five simple tips, your facility gets structure and depth.

1st Replica designer furniture as a highlight for the "good room"

You want a living room that radiates style and exclusivity, but fear high costs? Remedy create modern designer furniture as a replica. The extravagant forms give the living space a fresh, individual ambience. For example, furnish the room with the "RAR Rocking Chair" by Charles Eames. The designer designed the chair, which combines classic forms and ergonomic seating, in 1950. Therefore, the piece of furniture has a touch of retro. In combination with a flat wooden table and a faux fur rug, the designer furniture replica creates a special vintage touch.

Alternatively, place several replica designer furniture in a classically decorated living area. The high-quality chair is available in several color variations, so that it adapts to different furnishing styles. If you choose a mix of colorful seating and dark wood furniture, the mix of styles creates an interesting interior design concept. They receive different designer furniture as a replica: For example, the "Wire Dining Table" designed by Warren Platner makes a futuristic impression.

Designer living room: 5 furnishing tips for your oasis of peace: designer

Designer living room: 5 furnishing tips for your oasis of peace: tips

2. Combine traditional furniture with replica designer furniture

To get the most out of your Replica designer furniture, place one to two pieces of furniture in your living room. With a higher number of pieces, the room seems quickly overloaded. Especially with a fancy designer furniture replica traditional furniture is a simple addition. For a creatively designed coffee table, you can combine a simple seating set in a subtle color as an example. For example, the comfortable designer chairs as a replica of Interiorfox offer the necessary comfort and at the same time a certain exclusiveness.

3. Adapt the color concept to the designer furniture replica

If the recreated designer furniture represents the heart of the room, adjust the rest of the furnishings. Especially when choosing a color it is worthwhile to create a visual harmony. If you opt for a red designer armchair as a replica, red accessories are suitable in the room. These include: curtains, vases, decorative plates, pillows or wall decorations.

In addition, make sure that the selected Replica designer furniture when entering the living room eye catching. For this purpose post them in the center of the room or a central point. The color scheme of the surrounding furniture and decorative elements influences the effect of the exclusive furniture. Under no circumstances should the nuances bite. For example, avoid carpets or curtains in the complementary color green for a red armchair. Rather, it is worthwhile to select a color scheme already during the set-up and to follow this consistently. Possible ideas for a blue living room summarized in a nutshell:

  • Dark blue carpets for more depth in the room
  • Over curtains in similar hue for harmonious overall impression
  • Black or white sofa set as a design furniture replica as an eye-catcher
  • Light blue and turquoise accessories to continue the color scheme
  • Silver table and lamps for a cool, masculine touch

4.A mindful lighting accentuates the replica designer furniture

To give a room a cozy touch, the right lighting proves to be crucial. In the living room is a warm light to create the cozy, inviting atmosphere. Combine several light sources in the room to create flexible lighting conditions. A ceiling light illuminates the entire room and provides enough light for a reading evening or a cozy get-together. If you prefer a dim lighting for a romantic mood, place several table lamps or spotlights in the room.

Especially models where you regulate the lighting intensity as needed show their strengths in everyday life. At full light intensity creates a pleasant working atmosphere. To create a cozy ambience, dim the light. Furthermore, many homeowners like indirect lighting. Hidden LEDs or spotlights provide sufficient brightness without dazzling. Likewise, the indirect light sources support the emphasis on your replica designer furniture. For example, if you place them in front of a light bar, the lighting draws attention to the perfectly shaped design.

5. Colorful accessories set accents in the living room

Design furniture as replica emphasize in the room by suitable lighting conditions or with the help of accessories. If there is a reconditioned designer armchair in the room, put colorful cushions on it or a colorful blanket to look at it. It is worthwhile to create a contrast in color here. On a black chair you place white home textiles. The color of the decorative elements is retained throughout the room. This creates a visible unity that contributes to the feel-good ambience of the "good room". You will also decorate Replica designer furniture and their site with creatively designed accessories. Interestingly curved vases, abstract decorative pieces or wood art impress friends and family.

Conclusion: Clearly structured style elements ensure a harmonious overall impression

Set up the room for a theme, such as "Africa" ​​or "Country Style," and choose pictures and ornaments to pick from. A smorgasbord of different style elements is quickly chaotic and takes the living room the coziness. Likewise, avoid setting up the room with excessive replica designer furniture. The crowd takes the furniture exclusivity. It also makes for an overloaded impression.

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