Expand your desk - what can you do?

Since we work mainly on a PC or laptop, desks are constantly shrinking. This is not always optimal - in some cases the space is missing for individual work. What you can do to add extra space to a too small desk, read in this post.

Ways to expand

Basically, there are several viable ways to extend the usable space on the desk:

  • Monitor increase
  • Beistell furniture
  • mount new table top

Monitor increase

If you put the monitor on an increase, the space below the monitor becomes free. Such elevations are often useful from an ergonomic point of view, to support a work without neck tension.

Such increases are inexpensive to find. Further increases can then be purchased for printers and fax machines, so that the devices on the desktop no longer take up space.

Beistell furniture

A simple small side table can often provide a quick remedy for space problems. Alternatively, roll containers of suitable height or chests of drawers can serve as "mobile" shelves if you need them.

On your surface then everything fits, which finds no place on the desk surface. Printers and computers often have space below the desk. The once so popular "typewriter tables" are now out of fashion - but there are still replacements in many different designs.

Mount new table top

If the desk really has become permanently too small, the best way is always to mount a new table top. In most cases, this is much easier than consuming a desk with a support structure. Often you can mount the new plate directly on the old one, 1 - 2 cm additional height usually represent in most tables no problem, but are required anyway.

Tips & Tricks

Researchers at the University of Bielefeld have come up with an entirely different solution to the problem: using VR glasses, additional storage space can be created for (virtual) documents so that they do not have to fit on the desk. In a virtual room you have much more space to spread and sort documents. The technology is based on the VR glasses Oculus Rift.

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