Desk made of pallets - that's how it's made

Euro pallets have become a popular building material for furniture in recent years. From them, all sorts of furnishings can be made - even desks. How to do it, what you need and what you should think about when planning, read in detail in our article.

Suitable pallets

Basically you should always use a Eur pallet that is undamaged and reasonably clean. They should be stored dry, so that no moisture is present in the wood.

Dimensions of Euro pallets

The standardized dimensions of the Euro pallet (correct actually: Europool pallet) are 1200 x 800 x 144 mm. But that only applies to the Euro pallets. Other types of pallets may have different dimensions.

range species

The best known is the euro pallet, which can be used in the context of the exchange system more and more. But there are also other pallets that can also be used to build furniture. A small overview can be found here:

of palletsparticularities
industrial pallet200 mm wider than a Euro pallet, one-way pallet
2-way palletclosed structure as with the 4-way pallets such as the Euro pallet
IPPC palletsare specially heat-treated and dried, so that molds and resins can no longer occur (marking HT on the pallet)
industrial palletsa standard, different dimensions
drum palletshave a dimension of 1200 x 1200 mm
Paper pallets / transport coverWhen placed on top of pallets, can also be used for furniture
special palletsvarious special dimensions available

range state

The condition of a pallet is also important if you want to build furniture with it. It is best to use only pallets of the new or new category. You should not use the categories:

  • used / exchangeable
  • used / no longer exchangeable
  • repaired

Desk idea with a Euro pallet

  • Euro pallet (new or as new)
  • trestles
  • Glass plate as big as the pallet
  • jigsaw
  • sharpener
  • drilling machine

1. Clean and condition the pallet

Pallets are mostly coarse-grained and rough. They should be ground first so thoroughly and with much material removal. In our example, you can use the palette as a whole. So you do not need to be sawed.

2. Connect the pallet with table trestles

Place the pallet on the trestles and secure if necessary. This can be done with screws. In the case of table-trunks from the furniture store, however, the pallet can only be hung up.

3. Adjust color

Pallet and trestles can be varnished in the same color if you want. Bright shades look especially nice.

4. Place the glass plate

Finally, on the top of the pallet still the exact matching glass plate. This ensures easy cleaning of the desk, a slightly nobler look and a pleasant work.

Tips & Tricks

By choosing the appropriate pallet type you can build desks in different sizes. You can always blend the open sides, but the look does not look that impressive anymore.

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