Desk in the bedroom - what options are there?

Space is in short supply in many apartments. In many cases, only the bedroom remains as a way for a desk or a small workplace. How best to integrate it there, and what clever solutions are there, read in this post.

possible solutions

Especially in the bedroom can be quite easily find even small corners in which a workplace can be integrated. In this article we present three possible solutions:

  • Desk between closets
  • Desk behind sliding doors
  • Secretary in the bedroom

Desk between closets

If you leave approximately 1.20 m space between two wall cabinets, you can comfortably accommodate a small workplace there. The wardrobes usually have a sufficient depth, so that the workplace then offers enough space and flush with the edges of the cabinet.

Shelves and shelves can still be mounted above the table; a roll container can be placed underneath the table. This does not waste a lot of space and still creates a well-usable workplace. The wall units can be additionally used for a magnetic board or a slipboard, which is then always in the field of vision.

Desk behind sliding doors

An even better hidden solution is a workplace behind sliding doors. The desk is installed in an open cupboard system. The sliding doors, which then run over the entire wall of the cabinet, then conceal the desk if desired, so that it becomes completely invisible when needed. The interior of the cabinet element offers enough possibilities for individually designed shelves.

Secretary in the bedroom

The classic secretary with a closable flap is also a good option. Secretaries are also available in modern form and in many designs. When the flap is closed, all the work materials disappear and the decorative secretary visually upgrades most of the bedroom furniture as well.

Tips & Tricks

A small, height-adjustable laptop table ensures that you can even work comfortably from the bed, if you want.