Desk in front of the window - is that optimal?

When setting up, the question often arises of where the individual pieces of furniture are best placed. To put the desk in front of the window, with a view to the outside, seems optimal at first glance. But why this is not always true, and how it actually sets up better, read in this post.

lighting conditions

The TÜV points out that desks placed directly in front of the window can have adverse consequences:

  • the lighting conditions are unfavorable overall
  • it can cause annoying reflections on the screen
  • The eyes can become overloaded, which can lead to red or watery eyes or headaches

The best way to set up the desk at a 90° angle to the window. Then disturbing reflections are excluded and the light comes from an optimal side.

The statutory accident insurance also supports this point of view and additionally emphasizes that the light from outside can in many cases overstrain a desk at the window.

Door in view

Another disadvantage with desks that stand in front of the window is the door in the back. Not being able to keep an eye on the door creates unconscious unrest and nervousness.

This is not just a wisdom of ancient Chinese Feng Shui, but also workplace planners have long known. In contrast, having the window in the back can often be just as uncomfortable - especially because drafts can cause pain and "colds" in the back. So, in any case, the best way to get up to the window seems to be right across the window.

Tips & Tricks

Right-handers should sit in such a way that the light comes from the left, left-handers on the opposite side (light from the right). Although it is no longer written by hand, it does not seem to play that much anymore today, but it still seems to be most comfortable with most people.

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