Desk wobbles - what to do?

If the desk wobbles and hops when typing the monitor, that's an annoying affair. What this can be, and how to best remedy the situation, you will learn in detail in this post.

Causes of wobbly tables

  • construction method
  • Bumps on the ground
  • unevenly long legs
  • loose screws

construction method

The table wobble can often be due to the construction method. As a rule, this is often the case with home-made tables, where legs are simply screwed under the plate. Constructively, this is not the best solution, because no stability can be achieved.

Significantly more stable are tables that have a peripheral edge trim "frame". It catches the weight and stabilizes the table. If you want to have it wobble-free, you should look for such tables.

Bumps on the ground

On many floors slight bumps occur. This is often unavoidable. Usually, however, they are not noticed until something stands on it, which wobbles.

Unevenly long legs

Sometimes table legs are not exactly accurate. Measure and compensate. Best with underlaid felt glides on the legs too short.

Loose screws

Tighten all screws tightly. Check if the table is still wobbling.

Possible remedies

  • Screw the table to the wall
  • Stabilize the table
  • documents
  • create adjustable legs

Screw the table to the wall

For very shaky tables, it can be helpful to fix the table simply with an angle strip or several angle irons on the wall behind it.

Stabilize the table

For stretcher tables, additional stabilization with an angle bar and fixing to the wall can sometimes be helpful to prevent wobbling.


In the case of unevenness on the floor or unequal length of table legs, the simplest way of compensating for the unevenness is to insert flakes, beer mats or felt glides.

Create adjustable legs

You can also table legs - similar to the kitchen or the washing machine - with adjusting devices. Often you can also achieve the required height for the desk.

Tips & Tricks

Especially at the desk you should definitely pay attention to quality. Many cheap tables or cheap workstations are much more unstable and shaky than the high-quality variants.

Video Board: Behind the Scenes.....Fixing My Wobbly Desk