Desk or not? Which alternatives are there?

Since most of our communication and work has been done via PC, laptop and smartphone, desks have become almost superfluous. This clears the way for some better fitting and better looking alternatives. What can be an alternative to the desk, you will learn in this article.

Desk superfluous?

Just where a lot of work is done at a home office, one should be careful to replace the desk completely. Ergonomic and back-friendly work needs suitable furniture. Only if it is really made sure that the desk replacement is not an ergonomic burden in the long term, should one actually consider an alternative.

Alternatives to the desk

A desk represents a workspace that is primarily for writing, organizing papers and intended for the PC or laptop. Since in most cases today is almost the sole working device of the laptop, there are many interesting alternatives to the desk:

  • a part of the kitchen counter
  • a laptop table
  • a so-called "Lapdesk"
  • a lectern

Part of the kitchen worktop

This solution was first invented by Ikea. A part of the kitchen countertop does not get lower cabinets and thus serves as a writing and working place. This way, a desk solution can also be integrated into a kitchen to save space.

When not working, the laptop and work materials can be stored in a roll container. The table surface is then also available as a work surface for cooking. With a suitable chair or stool, this solution can also be very ergonomic.

Laptop or PC table

Special laptop or PC tables are available in many different versions. They are significantly smaller than classic desks and can therefore be planned with very little space.

Some variants also have the classic secretary opik. The workplace then becomes visually completely invisible when not in use. Important in such alternatives are above all a suitable, ergonomic seating and the correct working height.


Lapdesk - knee bolsters with a worktop attached to them - are the simplest and at the same time the smallest option for creating a desk. So you can work comfortably on the couch, when not in use, the pillow just disappears behind the couch. However, this solution is not very ergonomic - working longer on the couch is very stressful for the back, which is then not properly supported.


In recent years, standing desks are becoming more and more fashionable. Since we sit too much, a lectern can be a very interesting change. The height should be adjustable in any case, and it must be paid attention to a balanced posture. Standing aids can be supportive.

Tips & Tricks

The most important thing about the workplace is certainly the work chair. Here you should not compromise and pay attention to quality and ergonomics.

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