Redesign desk - trendy ideas

If the design of your own desk becomes boring and monotonous over time, there is a lot you can do to make your desk a little more appealing. A few ideas, what is possible, this contribution holds for you.

Change table top

The first possibility for reshaping is a radical one - but very easy to do. With the aid of table films, you can give the table surface a completely different appearance.

The films are relatively inexpensive, need only be applied to the table top and hold some of the burden. The motifs range from graphic designs and material imitations to real photo surfaces.

Painting a desk

Of course, you can also repaint a desk completely or paint it only partially using dip-dye technology. Both changes the look of a desk completely.

Another option would be to paint the fronts of a desk in a different color. This too has a lasting, clearly changing effect.

Of course you can also paint the wall behind the desk in a contrasting color or in a striped pattern. Especially with bright desks, this can liven up the workplace effectively and give it a completely new look.

Less comprehensive measures

If only the workplace is to be revitalized and redesigned, there are a few other options:

  • Decorative objects or plants on the desk
  • Wall decorations on the wall behind the desk
  • Reshaping the wall behind the desk
  • Schreibtischunterlagen
  • green plants
  • Change desk chair (which works, especially when painting in a contrasting color often very strongly changing)
  • additional shelves or filing elements on or near the desk

Tips & Tricks

Above all, it is important that you feel comfortable at work. Often, you can make a difference by providing more ergonomics, changing chair and seating position, or placing additional ergonomic aids, such as a visually attractive laptop holder, on the desk.

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