Is it worth a single-family house with a granny flat?

Are you interested in a single-family home, but still want a little more living space? In this article, we explain the advantages and disadvantages of a granny flat and why it can not replace a two-family house.

The advantages of the granny flat

A granny flat can be used in various ways: First, it is ideal for two people, which is advantageous in the sense of Mehrgenerationenwohnens. On the other hand, it can be used as a rental or apartment and thus provide additional income. Especially the first reason is crucial for many builders: the next generation can also live in the same house.

In addition, a granny flat is much cheaper than a two-family house. If you decide to rent a flat, the "normal" single-family dwelling will in principle only be extended; the house type does not change. A two-family house, on the other hand, not only requires more material, but also more effort than a single-family home. So if you do not need a second fully fledged apartment, you can save a lot of money with the granny flat.

Is it worth a single-family house with a granny flat?: single-family

No substitute for the two-family house

But if you consider the two-family house superfluous, you are wrong. So a granny flat is usually not suitable for a whole family, but for only two people. This not only restricts the circle of possible tenants, it also complicates the aforementioned multi-generational living.

In addition, it should be taken into account that the construction of a separate apartment is relatively cheap, but the price of the actual single-family home increases significantly. Despite this investment, it is not possible to achieve comparable rental income with the two-family house.

If you decide to rent, there is another drawback: living in the house with your immediate neighborhood limits your freedom to a certain extent. This includes in most cases noise pollution; So think carefully about who should live in your house.

Calculate in advance

Basically, you now have three options: The "normal" family house, the family house with granny flat and the two-family house. Prior to this decision, use a checklist that lists the initial costs, benefits, and potential benefits of rental income.

This decision also depends on your requirements for the family house itself. If space is your preference, a granny flat is more suitable, it is more about design and modernity, it would be difficult to find room or disproportionate space.

As you can see, the decision of the apartment for the most part depends on your personal situation; it is certainly also a question of cost. If the utility of the apartment is not clear, you should save the investment.

Tips & Tricks

Inform yourself at prefabricated and solid house providers about different models and the respective surcharges of the apartment. In some cases, even the extra charges for a two-family house are lower than expected, which is why you should also consider this option.

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