Details about the law: Smoke detector obligation in Bremen

The Bremische Landesbauordnung (LBauOHB) has been requiring a smoke detector for all apartments in the state since 2009. Affected are both property and rental properties. What are the legal details in Bremen?

Smoke detector obligation: which deadlines apply in Bremen?

Since the end of 2009 all apartments in new buildings in Bremen have been equipped with smoke detectors from the day of their completion. Older houses will have a retrofit period until 31. 12. 2015, after that the law applies without exception for each apartment.

In which rooms must smoke detectors be installed?

LBauOHB stipulates that smoke detectors must be installed in the following rooms to protect residents in all Bremen apartments:

  • nursery
  • dormitories
  • Corridors that serve as an escape route

In addition to the statutory obligation to smoke detectors, it is no mistake to install appropriate detectors in the living room or in the basement rooms. So you enjoy maximum safety in case of fire. Inform yourself about the special conditions for the smoke detector installation in the kitchen!

Who needs to assemble the smoke detector: landlord or tenant?

According to the law, the owner of an apartment must always buy and install the space. Rental flats were therefore the landlord, who is held responsible.

Owner takes over the maintenance of smoke detectors

The law on smoke detectors in Bremen assigns the maintenance of the owner of the apartment. The owner is the one who uses the apartment, in the normal case, therefore, the tenant, a tenant or the owner-owner.

The landlord can meet the maintenance obligation for his tenant, the possible costs incurred may be added to the service charge. In this context, it should be noted that tenants or landlords may carry out the functional test by hand - completely free of charge.

Where do I find the law for smoke detector duty in Bremen?

You can find the legal text for the smoke detector requirement in Bremen in the LBauOHB, § 48 paragraph 4. There you can read all the details of the statutory provision itself.

Tips & Tricks

Cheap smoke detectors are already available from about 3 to 5 EUR per piece to buy. If the devices comply with the standard DIN EN 14604, they comply with the current safety regulations: For example, the equipment of your home with detectors does not cost much money.

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