Change membrane at the domestic waterworks

The membrane in the pressure vessel of a domestic waterworks, often referred to as a rubber bladder or similar, is a wearing part. In addition, the membrane can break very quickly if incorrectly operated. Here we show you how to change the membrane or rubber bubble of a domestic waterworks.

The pressure vessel from the house waterworks

Compared to a conventional water pump works a domestic waterworks with a water tank. This ensures that there is always enough water for removal. At the same time, this water must be determined by a minimum and a maximum pressure so that the pump can switch on or off.

The pressure membrane in the pressure vessel

The pressure vessel looks like this: It is divided into two parts. Into the air chamber and the water chamber or bubble. The separation takes place through a membrane. This membrane can colloquially or depending on the manufacturer have a different name:

  • membrane
  • rubber bladder
  • water bubble
  • bubble
  • water bag
  • air bag

The form in the air chamber

So that the water does not expand uncontrollably and too much pressure arises at the membrane, a certain minimum pressure must prevail on the opposite side (in the air chamber). The membrane is shaped like a bubble or a bag (with the deformation in the air chamber reaching). Here in the air chamber, a pre-pressure of 2 bar is often built up, either by a filling or a car valve.

Switch-on pressure on the water side

Now there must be a minimum pressure on the water side. Depending on the setting, this is between 0.8 and 2 bar. We will show you how to set the domestic waterworks here. Depending on the domestic waterworks now also the form in the air chamber must be adjusted. Here you can read how to set the form at the waterworks.

Change the membrane

Before changing the membrane, make sure that there is no more pressure. To do this, proceed as for setting the form. Here you can also discharge the pressure accordingly. Depending on the manufacturer, there may be differences in the operation. It is essential to follow the operating instructions of the manufacturer of the domestic waterworks.

Open the pressure vessel

Now the house water system is switched off, the electricity is staked out. Now the pressure vessel is screwed on (after pressure equalization). This wreath, which is released here, is usually also the retaining ring for the rubber bag. After opening, simply remove it. To keep the membrane supple, it is rubbed on the air side with talcum powder or Vaseline.

Prepare new membrane and reinstall

Make sure that you also prepare the new membrane accordingly. Then insert them as you have taken out the old membrane. Now the wreath is screwed down again. Changing the membrane is complete.

Tips & Tricks

Before recommissioning, it is essential to set and fill the pre-pressure in the air chamber. To do this, follow the link "Set pre-pressure at the house waterworks".

Video Board: How to change or replace Membrane of R.O Water Purifier - Aqualive