The difference between Plexiglas and acrylic glass

Acrylic glass and Plexiglas - again and again these terms are used by home and craftsmen. If you have ever held a Plexiglas and a "conventional" acrylic glass in your hands, you may have wondered where the difference is. Many people then first have the Internet in mind to find out the difference. But as so often, you have to be careful here. Because even on the Internet is not always the truth and prejudices may even be stoked. Therefore, we explain below the difference between Plexiglas and acrylic glass, or whether it even exists.

Craftsmen are very different between acrylic and acrylic glass

Even the question of the difference between Plexiglas and acrylic glass, which is researched on the Internet, shows how important it is to clearly explain the difference. There are indeed posts on the Internet, which are also prominently in the search engines to find, in which authors even complain that craftsmen and specialty stores make a difference between plexiglass and acrylic glass.

Do not let it come to a misunderstanding

Such contributions are particularly interesting if these authors even put the question in the room, whether a craftsman or the retailer would consider all customers to be stupid, because after all, plexiglass and acrylic glass are indeed the same. Then it is added that it could probably only be about pulling the customer's sour money out of his pocket. Now someone reads this post, which really has no idea and internalizes the given information.

There is a difference

Before the interviewed craft business, he is already presented as a fraud, because he recommends Plexiglas, which can be significantly more expensive than other acrylic glass. Already the bad relationship between craftsmen and customers is inevitable. It is therefore quite important to relativize such statements on the Internet. Because in the end, the handyman (depending on the acrylic glass with which he could have compared Plexiglas) was absolutely right.

Plexiglas is acrylic glass...

Although plexiglass is not a sub-type of acrylic glass, it is by no means identical in quality. The starting point for acrylic glass is polymethyl methacrylate, PMMA for short. It was invented almost at the same time in England, Spain and Germany, around 1928. Otto Röhm from Germany was the one who made it ready for series production a few years later. The flexible plastic sheets, which can not be transparent, but also transparent like glass, he then had under the brand name Plexiglas protect.

... but acrylic glass is not necessarily Plexiglas!

Thus, it would first be established that Plexiglas is nothing else than any other acrylic glass. But how enormous the quality differences can be explains another example: many people own a car and have had to drive many kilometers. Although each tire is black and round, there are huge differences between the cheap tire of a no-name supplier and the premium tire of a brand manufacturer.

Plexiglas is a product that convinces above all by its quality

Surely you also know other products that behave the same way. Whether you use conventional acrylic glass without knowing the manufacturer, or even using Plexiglas, makes quite a difference depending on the application. Plexiglas, for example, is extraordinarily durable. Moose, lichens and algae do not adhere well. In addition, it always depends on the exact composition of the ingredients and additives.

Numerous differences and product properties are generated in this way:

  • no to absolute transparency
  • UV protection
  • Weather sensitivity
  • Flexibility under different requirements
  • colour
  • Shape (flat plates or corrugated plates)

It is a question of quality standards

For example, if you contact Evonik Röhm GmbH, which today owns, produces and distributes the rights to Plexiglas, you will be able to tell you the exact product characteristics. The divisional manager in the hardware store will not be able to make any really binding statements about acrylic glass, which is perhaps being offered at the special offer price. So it makes a difference whether acrylic glass from an unknown manufacturer or Plexiglas is used by Evonik Röhm GmbH.

Tips & Tricks

There are numerous applications where high-quality product properties are a must - for example in the UV protection of acrylic glass. So always weigh up whether the slightly more expensive Plexiglas will not meet your needs more and is cheaper in the long term. Because certainly the lifetime is much longer.

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