Difference one-bar mat fence and double bar mat fence

Bar mat fences are very popular due to their high stability and other advantages. Differences are bar mat fences in one-bar mat fence and double bar mat fence. Where exactly the differences between the two bar mat fence versions are, we have summarized below for you.

The advantages of bar mat fences

In principle, the bar mat fence is a direct competitor to the still very popular chain link fence. Although bar mat fences do not have the flexibility of a chain link fence, for example, the installation of a double pole matt fence on a slope is done entirely differently. For the bar mat fence offers other benefits:

  • high stability
  • maintenance
  • durable
  • viable

The differences in maintenance are very fast compared to the chain link fence. The chain link fence must be tensioned regularly, while the once fixed double-rod mesh fence normally no longer needs to be tightened on the screws. This may only be necessary in the case of heavy planting of a double-rod mesh fence.

Difference between one-piece matting fence and double-rod matting fence

Now, however, bar mat fences are offered in two different technical versions: as a single-bar mat fence and as a double-rod mat fence. First, both fence mats are made according to the same principle: transverse wire rods are welded with vertical wire rods almost crosswise. This results in three areas of a fence mat:

  • an outer frame (top and bottom do not force at free end tips)
  • internal transverse bars
  • inside vertical wire rods

The outer frame often consists of wire rods with the largest cross-section, the inner vertical with the same cross section of the transverse or a gradation above it and a gradation under the surrounding wire rods. This results in a different flexibility, for example, to set the double-rod mesh fence around the curve.

Double vertical wire bars at double bar mat fence

The most obvious difference between a single-bar mat fence and a double-rod mat fence lies in the number of vertical wire rods. These are used twice and welded to the crossbars. Here, a vertical wire rod is welded in front of and behind the crossbar, so to speak, one outside and one inside. As a result, the carrying capacity is significantly increased again.

Tips & Tricks

All bar mat fences have in common that they are provided with a high-quality corrosion protection. This makes these fence mats particularly durable. Now, however, the length of the fence mats does not always match, so the bar mat fence must be shortened. After cutting, a high-quality paint spray or zinc spray should always be applied to the cut edges as a permanent corrosion protection.

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