Cost differences with water heaters

When it comes to saving money, you have to count exactly on instantaneous water heaters. Both initial and operating costs can be quite different with instantaneous water heaters. What is important, you can read in detail in this post.

acquisition cost

The acquisition costs are very different depending on the device performance and design. "True" fully electronic instantaneous water heaters are by far the most expensive, then come the electronically controlled devices, which have only an engine valve control.

In contrast, very simply built, hydraulically controlled devices are often available for between 100 and 200 EUR. An overview of the different construction methods can be found here.

The control technology, however, has an impact on the power consumption of the device. With fully electronically controlled instantaneous water heaters, power consumption is on average about 20% lower than with hydraulically controlled versions.

usage Analysis

Decisive for the acquisition is the usage profile of the respective device. Depending on how often hot water is withdrawn at a sampling point and how big the respective quantity is, individual devices make more or less sense.

Small appliances with an output of between 3.5 and 6.5 kW are useful at many less-used tapping points. If very small quantities are often needed, a mini-hot water tank (usually around 5 liters) can be quite useful.

Single devices at the individual sampling points

The decision between a central solution or individual small appliances depends above all on the usage profile at the respective sampling point. In some cases, small appliances can make more sense when there is less hot water demand than a larger, centralized solution.

Single consumption decides

On average, people consume about 40 liters of hot water per person per household per day, but this can vary in practice. It is much more important to determine in advance how much hot water at a hot water tap is needed at what frequency.

For example, if you wash your hands 15 times a day, the water heater requires 15 times for a period of around 10 seconds. Such usage profiles should be considered in detail.

power consumption

Energy consumption is difficult to estimate for instantaneous water heaters. Although it is possible to determine an approximate consumption estimate from the rated output and the useful life, at most rough approximations result.

If calculated over years, the cost difference between instantaneous water heaters and gas heating can be quite significant.

Although gas heaters are much more expensive, in most cases with average usage (3-4 people in the household), they are fully amortized after only two to three years. Over the course of about 20 years, there will be cost differences in consumption costs which, according to the current price for electricity and gas, can amount to up to EUR 10,000. The determined Stiftung Warentest in a comprehensive study.

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