The different floor drains for your shower - an overview

The classic and most common variant of the floor drains is the drain integrated into the shower tray. This is connected watertight before inserting the shower tray with the drain, the shower tray is raised on a substructure. The classic floor drain can usually be closed with a plug from the outside and protects by a grid against the loss of jewelry.

Classic floor drain in a floor-level or floor-level shower

If you have set up a floor-level or floor-level shower in your bathroom, you have mostly used a flat floor drain. This is usually placed in the middle of the shower area and convinces by various optical possibilities. The most common variant is a round or square floor drain, which is closed with a grid. This process can not be closed, but it is easy to clean. In addition, the attached grid protects against the loss of objects such as rings or chains. When installing this floor drain variant, it is important that the substructure is completely watertight sealed. Otherwise the shower water would be led directly into the masonry due to the missing shower tray, which can lead to severe water damage. A prudent approach and a tightness test are essential.

Other innovative floor drains for showers

If you want to make your shower creative and extraordinary through a special floor drain, you can choose a round floor drain. This combines the advantageous properties of a classic floor drain with a special design. Alternatively and especially modern are shower channels. These rectangular shaped floor drains are ideal for large, walk-in showers. The shower channels are available in different variants. They can be placed in the middle of the shower area, but also on the edge, thus ensuring individuality. With these special forms of floor drain, precise operation is an advantage. New models convince by a very low installation height and elegant design. Again, the substructure must be absolutely waterproof connected to the drain to exclude later water damage to the masonry can.

The different floor drains for your shower - an overview: floor

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