Different uprights profiles

Two different metal profiles are needed for a metal stud. These are the CW profile and the UW profile. To distinguish between the two types of profiles by their shape. So the course of the UW-profile is U-shaped. The CW profile, however, runs C-shaped. Special profiles such as the CD profile, the UA profile and the UD profile are only required under certain conditions.

To the UW profile

When building a drywall, the framework is the prerequisite. The UW profiles are fixed to the floor and ceiling. Accordingly, their shape. The important thing is the right distance, which must be observed. Depending on the manufacturer, the range of CW profiles differs both in length and in width. When making a decision, it is important to use the thickness of the planned wall. Normally, the profile thickness is 0.6 mm. Easy cutting to the correct length is done with the tin snips.

To the CW profile

CW profiles are inserted vertically between the UW profiles. This creates the stabilizing triangle connection. They are assembled at regular intervals. On offer are the CW profiles in various lengths and widths. The common dimensions are 50 mm, 75 mm and 100 mm. For special conditions of use, the dimension of 100 mm is also exceeded. In the length you will find dimensions such as 2.80 m to 4.00 m before. The excellent quality allows to tailor the length exactly. For this purpose, only a shearing machine is needed.
The decision as to which width of the CW profiles is used depends on which loads (for example tiles) the framework has to bear.

Different uprights profiles: profiles

Other profiles

For use in drywall there are other types of profiles:

CD profiles: For walls that are uneven or curved, use concave or convex shaped profiles.
UA profiles: For special loads, the sheet is thicker here. Uses for example in lintel
UD profiles: They are part of the supporting structure when it comes to suspended ceilings. Commercially available from sheet metal UD profiles are usually offered in the thickness of 0.6 mm. Compared to the UV profiles, however, the width is smaller.

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