Different motion detectors - the differences

Motion detectors can be equipped with different additional functions. This is clear to most consumers. However, not all who would like to acquire one know that there are differences in the type of motion detector in terms of design or technology used. These differences of the motion detectors are very important to each other.

Motion detectors to each other have big differences

Many do not know exactly how a motion sensor works. Others, for example, only know the infrared motion detectors. There is a reason for this - they are the most commonly used motion detectors in this country.

But there are other types of motion detectors. These different technologies make a significant difference in the applications. The motion detectors frequently used in the private sector are primarily the three following variants:

  • Infrared motion detector (IR or PIR detector)
  • Microwave or radar detector (HF motion detector)
  • Detector with photocell

PIR motion detector

The differences between PIR and IR detectors over the other motion detectors are clear. They use infrared. Therefore, they respond to a change in temperature within the monitored area. The temperature can be set to different sensitivities. It is important that there are no obstructed obstacles between the PIR detector and the monitored area.

HF motion detector

RF motion detectors in turn send a high-frequency energy beam and react when it is unexpectedly reflected. The function can be compared to something with a sonar. Therefore, this detector can also be installed behind obstacles. These would include, for example, stems, roof overhangs etc. Even behind walls, the HF detector can be mounted. Important is the performance.

Motion detector with photocell

Detectors with a photocell change to defined optical changes in the monitored area. This can be especially the brightness. However, modern photo cell detectors can be defined by numerous other parameters in the setting.

The requirements decide which detector must be

Depending on which requirements are to be placed on the monitored area, or under what circumstances the detector is to trigger, you can choose between the different types of detectors. Depending on the requirements, these features are more important than the price.

Tips & Tricks

Motion detectors can also be adapted to other circumstances. So it may happen that even small animals trigger the detector. For motion detectors and cats and other small animals you can read our guide. In addition, the retailer offers special detectors, which are set in their trigger sensitivity so that they do not trigger in cats, etc.

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