Different suppliers - the same system of wooden stand construction

Most suppliers of timber frame construction basically build the same house. However, unfortunately, one can not only reduce the choice of providers to the price, if you want to build a house in this style.

Probably the most important aspect of quality is the wood in the wooden stand construction. A supplier who uses only professionally dried wood is therefore already a guarantee for a high-quality and above all long-lasting home.

It is interesting, especially for self-builders, which stand distance the provider uses in the wooden stand construction method. Is this distance more or less than 62.5 inches wide, then you have more expensive waste, both in the insulation as well as the wall paneling.

Different suppliers - the same system of wooden stand construction: suppliers

The following points should be checked before the construction contract is completed

  • Determine how high the quality of the wood used by the supplier
  • Check wall structure for strength and insulation
  • Determine if the supplier prefabricates in a hall or directly on the construction site
  • Request call of the supplier at the Chamber of Crafts

Observe wall thickness when selecting the provider

The strength of the wall structure is later crucial for the real energy needs of the house. Therefore, one should check next to the good reputation of the provider, which strength has the uprights and the rest of the wall structure.

Energy costs are constantly increasing, so isolation is especially important. The wall thickness is at the same time a sign of a good insulation, because the stronger the wall, the stronger the inevitably the insulation of the house in the wooden stand construction.

Tips & Tricks

Spy! Try to find out which houses were built by a vendor. Ring the residents and ask if they were satisfied with the timber stand builder.

You can not get better information. For homeowners who are satisfied, like to tell other builders. Equally and even more, this information exchange is pronounced among homeowners who were not so lucky.

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