The different saw species and their uses

Saws are tools we have been using since the Stone Age. From there, they have evolved into many different forms to this day. What different types of saws are available, and in which areas of application they are preferred, read in this article.


Hand saws are still found today as "traditional" tools in many households. In practice, they are usually displaced by electrical tools. Nevertheless, one should not disregard a good foxtail or a fine saw as a tool and Japan saws are again high in the price today.

Clamping saws and jigsaws

In cross-cut saws, a saw blade is stretched in a frame or frame. Well known is the jigsaw or the metal hacksaw. A frame saw can be found today rather rarely and then more in the rural area.

The saddle saws are well known. There is also a hand-operated jigsaw. Fine saws - together with a guide rail - are still occasionally used for manual miter cuts. Even the two-man blade saw, as used by woodcutters in the past, belongs to this group of saws.

A special position is taken by Japanese saws. They do not work like European saws on pressure, but on train. As a result, very thin saw blades are possible and the saws are very smooth. Prerequisite is a very precise handling of the saw. An overview of the different types of Japan saw can be found in this article.

Machine saws

In the household hand-operated saws have long been replaced by various machines. The most commonly used tools in the household are the jigsaw and the circular saw.

An overview of the various devices and their areas of application are given in the following table.

saw typeareas of application
jigsawUniversal tool, can cut almost all materials, no exact cuts but curved cuts
Handkreissägerough cuts, even thicker boards, no exact miter cuts or blanks
TauchsägeSpecial shape of the circular saw for very exact cuts, can be immersed in the middle of the workpiece
electric foxtailoften in the plumbing and heating industry (pipes separate), little in do-it-yourselfers
Hand bandsawsWith electric or smoke with battery operation, numerous applications (such as curve saws, beam processing or firewood production), little known
Stationary band sawfor large and thick workpieces, very exact and at the same time very fast cuts
scroll sawthe electric version of the jigsaw with similar application
table sawfor very exact cuts, miter cuts
chop sawSpecial form of the table saw, somewhat more mobile, but much less clean cuts
Wippsägeespecially for cutting branches and firewood, safer and more efficient than a table saw
chainsawfor forestry and forestry work and for cutting firewood, gasoline or electric drive

If you want to equip your household sufficiently, should best on a combination of jigsaw (the "universal saw" par excellence) and circular saw or plunge saw set. Virtually all tasks can be accomplished with this combination - except for very large and very exact blanks.

Tips & Tricks

Freehand saws, such as the circular saw or the diving saw and also the jigsaw can easily be mounted firmly on a table. How to do it is in this article about circular saws and in this article about jigsaws.

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