Various ways to renovate the ceiling

Does your ceiling just not look nice anymore - or is it too high, which leads to unnecessary heating costs? Some ceilings in old buildings have no flat surface, a straightening remedy. The installation of spotlights can be simplified by a ceiling paneling.

Renew a ceiling by hanging completely

If the renovation goes beyond the purely aesthetic revision, hanging the ceiling is usually the method of choice. By this measure, the ceiling moves down a bit, it can be well bring an insulation or a new lighting.

Hang blanket: quick start guide

  • Outline of wooden substructure with the bat string
  • Square timbers (dimensions about 6 x 4) as cross and counter battens on the ceiling screw
  • lay electrical cables
  • possibly clamp insulation boards between the battens
  • Staple the vapor barrier film over the insulation boards onto the battens
  • Pass the cable through
  • Cut gypsum board and screw it onto the battens
  • Lower the screw heads slightly
  • Cut openings for lighting
  • Carefully fill joints and wall connections
  • Brush off the background
  • Design a ceiling according to your personal taste

Renovate the ceiling aesthetically

If you do not want to renovate your ceiling completely, but only aesthetically change, you access to paint, wallpaper or plaster. The preparatory work looks like this:

  • Create a stable surface in which you completely remove dust, dirt, wallpaper remnants and crumbling plaster.
  • If necessary, use a firming primer to preserve the surface of your ceiling.
  • Fill all holes, make an even surface. For full-surface trowelling, use a felt board to rub the dried putty in a circular smooth.
  • Putz needs in most cases a suitable bonding agent. Read the instructions for use of your material.

Paint the ceiling professionally

If you decide to paint your blanket, you will tackle the project professionally. First stroke the brush along all edges and smooth the fresh brush marks with a small paint roller.

The inside of this frame is now processed with a large lambskin or Perlon role. Move narrow narrow sections away from the main light source (windows). First, apply some color to your respective work section.

Then evenly brush the applied paint by rolling from left to right and back again and again. Work wet-in-wet on the entire surface to avoid streaks.

Renovate the ceiling with new wallpaper

Decorate your ceiling best for two, you also need two stepladders. As the first person sticks his end of the wallpaper on the blanket, the other person holds the other end.

Work on the rubber roller along the wallpaper by always first curling the center of the web and then the edges until you arrive at the other end.

Tips & Tricks

So you do not need to smear yourself unnecessarily when painting the ceiling, just stick the stick of your paint roller through a piece of cardboard and glue it with masking tape. So you have built a simple drip protection.

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