Beautify your dining table - you can do that

In modern living room designs, the dining table is becoming more and more central. Reason enough to make it visually a "highlight". Old, already a bit worn tables you can also visually revive something. You can find out how this works and what options you have in this article.

Beautification opportunities at a glance

  • Visually transform the table
  • Beautify table top
  • Upgrade table by decoration

Visually transform the table

If you no longer like your old dining table, you can easily conjure up a new one with furniture film. You can choose from a wide range of color designs as well as wood imitations and valuable precious woods.

The foliation is relatively simple, only on edges and in the corners you usually need a helper and a hair dryer to get a clean result. The prices for furniture foils are - depending on quality, properties and design - in the range between 20 and 150 EUR per running meter with a width of mostly 100 - 150 cm.

Beautify table top

You can also foil the tabletop by yourself. Also there are special foils that are much easier to apply than the furniture foil on the table legs and the table frame (the side panel between the table legs). Such tabletop films are also much cheaper than a complete foil.

Upgrade table by decoration

A good way to visually enhance a dining table can also be decorations. From the table runner to the candlestick, much is possible here. Especially runners let a table visually "disappear" and direct the view more on the decoration than on the table. In many cases this can be the easiest way to revive an old dining table.

Tips & Tricks

Sometimes it makes sense to make not only the table, but also the chairs visually appealing. New chairs can also significantly enhance an old table.