Build a dining table yourself - a guide

Dinning table itself is not difficult - and usually cheaper than buying a finished table. In addition, you have more options in the design and adjustment of size and dimensions. In our article you will learn everything you need to know for the planning and also receive instructions for making a simple but high-quality dining table for yourself.

Simple variant for the homemade

The easiest way, of course, is to get a table top in the hardware store - or a matching kitchen worktop - and the matching table legs. Both are connected and the table is finished.

The selection of legs and table tops is often very large, so that you can often put together a nice table here with little effort. The plate can be cut to any size.

Other possible variants

Lateral cheeks

Instead of providing the dining table with legs, cheeks can also be attached laterally. This is an elegant option, but it excludes anyone sitting at the headboard. In this case, you have to dimension the dining table so a little larger, to compensate for the two dropping seats on the front pages.


An interesting option is also to use table legs (height-adjustable) instead of table legs. Ikea made that a trend a few years ago. The assembly is very simple - the table top is simply placed on the bucks. She holds there by her own weight.

Visually, such tables are more suitable as a desk than as a dining table. In some cases, such an appearance can fit well in rooms.

Table on Ytongsteinen

You can also put the tabletop on Ytongsteinen, which you then plastered smooth. This simple and rustic look blends well with minimalist décor styles and offers interesting design options. However, the workload is much higher here.

Dining table made of glued wood - construction manual step by step

  • Glued
  • matching table legs (can also be built from stacked boards)
  • screw
  • screwdriver
  • clamps
  • sharpener

1. Cut parts (leave)

The table top must first be brought to the correct size. Then the frame parts are cut. The cut can be made in most cases directly in the hardware store or at the timber dealer. Otherwise, the cutting is best done with a circular saw or a jigsaw. Make sure the edges are clean and smooth. You may also be able to round off the edge of the table top.

The table legs should already be cut to length. In the case that they are made of individual boards themselves, the individual boards must be glued to each other and fixed until the glue has hardened with screw clamps in several places.

2. Mount the frame

The frame parts are glued upright 10 mm from the outer edge of the table top and later screwed to the legs. For this, appropriate mounting holes must be drilled in the frame parts. At the abutting edges and the frames are bolted together. Until the glue hardens, the frame must be fixed immovably with screw clamps.

3. Assemble and finish legs

The legs are placed in the corners of the frame after the glue has dried. Secure with screws to the previously drilled holes.

The table is ready now. Check that the table is actually in the scale and, if necessary, correct the legs until the table top is level.

If necessary, grind the table top again and seal with clear lacquer.

Tips & Tricks

Tips for the right table height and table width can be found in these two articles: Tips on the optimal table width according to the number of people and tips for the optimal dining table height. Make sure you include this in your planning.

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