Dining table: how much space per person do you have to expect?

When it comes to buying a new dining table, there is often uncertainty about the size needed. Which dimensions are useful for how many people, and how much space you should definitely expect per person, you will learn in detail in this post.

Space requirements at a glance

The following table gives you a brief overview of which standard values ​​have become standard with regard to the width of the site:

comfort levelSpace requirement (in cm)
very cramped40 - 50 cm
cramped50 cm
average, pleasant food possible60 cm
comfortable70 cm


One can therefore assume that on a 90 cm wide table on the long sides 4 people can eat only cramped. It would be better in this case to choose a table that has at least 120 cm, better still 140 cm wide.

The widths should also be considered when buying an extendable dining table. Thus, for example, on a 100 cm wide Ausziehstück 2 more people comfortably place, in an emergency, 4 people can eat there a bit cramped.

chair widths

Of course, you always have to consider the available chair widths when planning, not just the table surface. Too narrow or too wide chairs also look visually often not nice.

Round tables

If a dining table is round, the matter of space becomes much more tricky. Some guidelines should illustrate this once again:

Table diametermaximum peoplecomfortable persons
90 cmmaximum 6 personscomfortably 4 persons
150 cmmaximum 10 peoplecomfortably 6 persons

Note that even with round tables comparatively less space for food or drinks supplies are available. In your planning, you should always start from the "comfortable measure".

Tips & Tricks

Many round tables can be enlarged by insert panels and transformed into oval tables. Note in such a case that the lighting for the dining table but then often no longer optimal.

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