Dining table made of concrete

In furniture construction in recent years, experiments are being carried out with new materials to create interesting and technically functional designs. Concrete is one of the materials that is being used more and more often. How dining tables are made of concrete, what are the problems in terms of weight, and what variants there are, you will learn in this post.

Concrete for furniture construction

In principle, concrete offers some interesting properties, also for furniture construction:

  • He is arbitrarily malleable
  • he is stable
  • he has an interesting surface, which can be designed very differently

Problem: weight

Especially with stressed parts, which should also be stable, there is a weight problem. To get a stable dining table, the concrete slab would have to be poured very thick. But that would have a very high weight of the table top result, which is not desirable. Transport, installation and support of the table top would then be very extravagant.

For most concrete furniture, therefore, only very thin concrete layers are used, which are reinforced by targeted reinforcements. These reinforcements can be made of different materials. Also very common are steel plates for stabilizing the thin concrete slab.


The surface of concrete - which can already be seen in exposed concrete - can be very variable and optically varied. The natural roughness can be reduced by sanding, or a light sandstone feel can persist. The roughness of the final product can also be influenced by formwork materials.

Cleaning and care

Depending on the surface condition, the cleaning and the sensitivity of the surface may be problematic. Special coatings, which are supposed to prevent dirt and especially the ingress of dirt, often change the appearance of the material surface after the fact.

An oiling or waxing of concrete is only a small protection, so it is often used here on synthetic sealants. Nevertheless, the concrete surface remains sensitive.

Tips & Tricks

Pay attention to what protection is provided on the concrete table top from the factory and, if necessary, take additional protective measures. Always be aware of proper cleaning and effective stain removal at your table.

Video Board: How to Make a Concrete Dining Table