Dining table: what height?

Dining tables are available in different table heights. In order not to be limited to your own feelings, this article will tell you some standard measurements and clues as to how to correctly choose the height of the dining table. Please also read about the influence of the height of the chairs.

Standard Dimensions

Basically, dining tables are between 74 and 78 cm high. This also fits the dimensions of most chairs. 76 cm table height is the standard size for many dining tables.

Dining table height and seat height

The optimal height of the dining table always depends on the seat height. Basically, one can assume that the table should be about 30 cm higher than the seat height. Then a comfortable sitting is possible. So, if you already have chairs that you want to continue to use, you should always choose the height and height of your chairs when selecting your table height.

Different body size

This measure can vary, however. Smaller people need slightly less distance between seat height and table height, usually only 27 cm. For taller people, however, the ideal measure of sitting height to table height is 34 cm.

Deviations beyond these limits should not be made. For significantly smaller people or children, you can increase the seat height using pillows to a suitable level. Then a correspondingly comfortable sitting at the dining table is also possible for them.


What you should think about is the legroom, which should be sufficient in any case. Decisive for this is often the height of the so-called table frame - so the panel on the side of the table. It should ideally not be too big, then sits much more comfortable and less cramped. The overall size of the table plays a role here, too.

table width

In addition to the correct height, pay attention to the appropriate dimensions of the table. Above all, the width of the dining table and the available space per person are fundamentally important measures for orientation.

Tips & Tricks

Always make sure that the armrests of the chairs are not too high. Restricting the arm's freedom also feels uncomfortable. In addition, then under certain circumstances, the chairs can not be pushed under the table, which means a waste of space in the dining room.

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