Dining table: what prices are usual?

A dining table is a purchase that can be quite expensive. Which prices are common, and which criteria are crucial to the price of the dining table, read in detail in this post.

Typical prices

Depending on the design, the prices for dining tables can be very different. Typical (exemplary) prices are:

dining table DescriptionPrice approx
simple dining table, plywood, 150 x 80from about 150 - 200 EUR
simple dining table small, veneer wood 120 x 70from about 50 - 100 EUR
small dining table, high quality solid wood 120 x 70from about 200 EUR
large dining table solid wood 220 x 90from about 250 EUR
large dining table solid wood, designer piecefrom about 350 EUR - 600 EUR

The price differences are, however, also different depending on the design. Particularly expensive are solid wood tables made of high quality wood. For precious woods, prices can even be significantly more expensive.

Price differences

Price criteria for the dining table are mainly:

  • the dimensions
  • the execution (extendable, etc.)
  • the material (solid wood, plywood, metal or wooden legs, etc.)
  • the design

In general, one can often conclude from the look on the price: powerful-looking tables in very simple design, where you see high-quality solid wood, are usually in the most expensive category. Outlandish designs, however, are more in the mid price field.

Save costs

You can of course push the costs by simply building your own table yourself. In order to make the price a little cheaper, many furniture stores also offer the possibility to put together their own wish-table made of legs and plate.

Those who want to save even more money, will usually find in the hardware stores. Again, there are often beautiful designs for plates and legs, the prices are often even lower than in the furniture store.

Tips & Tricks

Another way to avoid a new purchase often is to renew the old dining table.

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