Topping-out speech - which speeches are traditionally held for the topping-out ceremony

As with all traditional and important events, of course, speeches are also made at the topping-out ceremony. Anyone who holds the traditional topping-out speech, and what is said and said in general, is explained in this article.

The tradition of the topping-out speech

Just like the entire topping-out ceremony, the tradition of the topping-out speech dates back many hundreds of years. The traditional content has changed very little.

In the foreground is that the builder thanked the carpenters - who used to be the most important craftsmen when they were still building half-timbered buildings - but also all the other craftsmen and helpers on the construction site.

Richtfestsprüche but should also keep harm away from the house and its future residents, and bless the newly built house.

An element that is usually added today is to entertain all present with some funny anecdotes from the construction phase, and to tell a little about the construction of the building. This happens above all in the speech of the client.

In some areas it is also common for one of the carpenters to speak the sentence from the roof. In this case it is he who, after the speech, drinks the traditional glass of wine and throws the empty glass from the roof.

What should be included in the topping-out speech

  • Thanks to craftsmen and helpers
  • Wishes for blessing and happiness for the house and the inhabitants
  • Entertaining and funny by the builder

Who else is allowed to talk?

Of course, in addition to the traditional customs, the topping-out ceremony also offers some of the other participants as well as the client and the carpenter the opportunity to become a speaker.

Sometimes even the architect says a few words, or one of the friends or relatives brings in a short speech still his congratulations for a good start in the new house. That's up to you.

Almost classic are also small liquor bottles on the straightening tree: the hang always there when everything went wrong on the site, which can only go wrong. This statement is then understood by all.

Tips & Tricks

Every successful speech needs a continuous "red thread". Remember, if you write as a client to your speech.

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