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  • One mat, many names: Whether it's a dust control mat, doormat, door or entrance mat - all variants designate a textile doormat that is located outside or inside and laid out on the floor.
  • Dust mats keep out the coarsest debris as well as unpleasant moisture outside and protect your floors from unsightly dirt and scratches. For this reason, the mats are made very robust and usually easy to clean.
  • Additional safety features non-slip backs, which can be coated or gummed and prevent the Fußabtreters.

Dirt trap mat comparison 2018: your

According to a survey by the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) from 2014, Over 40 percent of the German population over the age of 16 spend an average of one hour daily doing household chores, In addition to cooking are also still wash the laundry and of course the cleaning on the budget.

The relationship to cleaning is quite ambivalent: what for some is a relaxing pastime, for the other stress and nerves. Especially when pets or children are part of your household, the amount of household chores quickly rises above the hourly rate.

So that you can enjoy your free time and the mop is not your constant companion, there is a small household helper with a big impact: the dust control mat, In our Mudguard Comparison 2018, we'll tell you what to look for in addition to material and dimensions when buying and where a doormat can be used everywhere.

Dirt trap mat comparison 2018: dirt

1. A dust control mat increases the cleanliness of your floors

Can you rent dust mats?

Dirt trap mat comparison 2018: 2018

Dirt and protective mats can also be rented. For this purpose, there are selected service providers who take care of the laying and maintenance of the floor coverings. For the private sector, this option is not worthwhile.

The service is more aimed at office buildings and shops. However, if you are planning a big event and require considerably more than the size of the mats, you can use this professional service with the corresponding purchase advice.

With a dirt trap mat, you can prevent dirt, moisture and residue from reaching your floors. These sturdy doormats work most effectively in front of entrance doors, in the kitchen area, in your bathroom or in front of patio doors. In other words: Wherever you, your children or pets step inside or if there is a risk of contamination, a hygienic mat is an advantage.

Another plus: The additional floor covering dampens noises and comes in numerous colors, Designs and designs. Your personal dust mats test winner does not look out of place, but blends harmoniously into your interior.

A doormat is also ideal:

as no carpet in the children's, work or living room

as an entrance mat at your doorstep

as a protective mat in your kitchen

as a doormat in the garden

Dirt trap mat comparison 2018: 2018

Even the best dust control mat will only stay in place if it has a non-slip underside.

A dust control mat differs from a conventional carpet or runner in that that it is very durable and absorbs any dirt or moisture from shoe soles or animal paws.

Regardless of whether you are choosing a low-priced dust control mat or a high-quality model, make sure that the back is gummed or coated. This prevents the mat from slipping unintentionally and, in the worst case, causing a fall.

2. Which types of mats are available?

There is usually no concrete typing for dust matsHowever, their purpose may differ. In order to give you an initial overview of the versatile usage variants, we will introduce you to a few in the following table.

entrance matAs the name suggests, a doormat can shine especially in the domestic entrance area, Depending on whether you want to place your protective mat conveniently in front of the apartment door or even better in your own hallway, there are various designs, colors, and sizes that you can fall back on.

Especially practical: If your dirt trap mat is inside, you can just put your shoes on it and avoid unsightly water stains on your carpet or laminate, especially in autumn and winter.

floor matEspecially in the kitchen area as well as in the work or children's room something goes wrong. If you seek a replacement for a runner who is visually appealing but significantly more robust and easier to clean, you should put on a dust trap mat.
protection matIf you have installed laminate or parquet in your own home, you should just Make sure that you place a buffer between both materials on office chairs and other pieces of furniture on castors, How to avoid unsightly scratches on your floors.

Tailored protective mats either you Cut yourself or refer directly to the manufacturer or large, transparent floor mats. Although this category is not suitable for catching dirt and moisture, it offers a high level of protection against scratches in the floor.

3. Purchase criteria for dust mats: You must pay attention to this

3.1. The material of choice - plastics are the most durable

Dirt trap mat comparison 2018: 2018

A dust control mat made of coconut fibers can absorb a high level of moisture,

In terms of material, you usually have the choice of whether you want to put on a dirt trap mat made of synthetic or natural fibers.

  • For natural fibers, coconut mats and sisal products are in the lead, These mats can come in different designs and are also very compatible for pets and children.
  • There are also cotton floor mats. While this material can be washed at high temperatures (up to 60° C), it usually lacks a non-slip coating.
  • Plastic floor mats are usually made of nylon, polypropylene or polyester, Its big advantage is clearly the longevity as well as the robust processing. Therefore, these Fußabtreter are especially suitable for outdoor use. So you escape the chemical odors that can attach to these mats just at the beginning.

Regardless of whether you opt for a rubber or coconut dirt trap mat: If you have small children in your household, you should better put on a model with a leading edge, These have a flat rubber edge, which minimizes the risk of tripping.

3.2. The size is what matters

Dirt trap mat comparison 2018: comparison

May be something more? A custom-made dirt trap mat is particularly suitable for large areas.

The size of your dust control mat depends primarily on the intended use. If your dust control mat is to replace a small carpet or runner, sizes of 90 x 150 cm are recommended. Floor mats for outdoor use can also be smaller and have dimensions of 40 x 60 cm.

Large dust mats can also be ordered by custom-made, However, if you want to cut a dust control mat around or your outdoor door doormat in a specific shape, all you need is a template, some patience and a sharp utility knife.

4. FAQs on the subject of dust control mat

4.1. Is there a dirt trap mat test in the insurance test?

Dirt trap mat comparison 2018: 2018

Even after muddy autumn walks, a doormat keeps dirt out of the ground.

So far, the foundation has not yet performed a dust control mats test.However, the test institute has dealt with floor coverings, Most recently, the institute published a laminate test in the issue 08/2016, which focused on the demands of everyday life. A tip of the Stiftung Warentest: Better do without laminate in the bathroom. Too much moisture damages the material permanently.

4.2. How can you clean dirt mats?

A doormat must already be able to do a lot in the test. Therefore, the products are usually very resistant and robust. However, the daily stress leaves traces on your scraper after some time. So that your dust-catching mat with motif or the doormat with name can be led back to old gloss, You should clean your textile regularly, Make sure you pay attention to the respective manufacturer's information.

You can find out if your dust control mat is washable by following the washing instructions.However, a washable dust control mat is not geared for high temperatures and spin classes, It should not be more than 30° on average, so that the coating of the mat does not peel off.

Dirt trap mat comparison 2018: 2018

If your doormat is not washable and should only be cleaned by hand, you should thoroughly vacuum the mat before starting.

If your dust control mat is too big for the domestic washing machine or should only be cleaned by hand, a commercial detergent is usually sufficient. Another alternative is a carpet cleaner. Before you go for wet cleaning, however, you should thoroughly vacuum the floor mat and rid it of coarse dirt.

4.3. Can you design a doormat yourself?

A personalized doormat not only looks beautiful, your visit also knows right away whether it's in front of the right door and feels immediately welcome. There are almost no limits to your creativity. If you buy a dirt mat, you should choose a bright and neutral modelso that you can let off steam in terms of color. However, when choosing colors, make sure that you choose waterproof colors. So the mat stays visually appealing even after a rain shower.

If you are still looking for inspiration for your Dirt Mats DIY, the following video shows some possibilities:

4.4. Which manufacturers and brands have dirt traction mats in their product range?

To give you a better overview of popular manufacturers and brands of dust mats, we have put together a selection below. The manufacturers Floortex and Floordirekt have specialized completely in floor mats, therefore, the products of these brands are considered to be particularly high quality.

  • Astra
  • Sky
  • Floor direct
  • etm
  • Use & Wash
  • Twister
  • Andiamo
  • Floortex
  • casa pura

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