Thoroughly clean dirty joints

Dirty joints offer an unappetizing sight - they significantly disrupt the overall appearance of a tile surface. Not always the deposition of foreign matter on the joint surface can be completely avoided, but against the dirt, there are various means: So you succeed in your joints again to clean thoroughly!

These remedies help against mold stains

Frequently, joints in the bathroom and kitchen are covered with blackish mold stains. This is especially common in the shower, bath and washbasin area. Superficial mildew can be removed by the following means:

  • Salmiakgeist
  • spirit
  • Mold remover from the specialist trade

Take all necessary precautions when using anti-mold agents. It is best to use a face mask in a well-ventilated room and do not leave any children in the area.

If the joints are already penetrated by the mold, the surface cleaning does not help anymore. Then a thorough joint renovation is on: Look very carefully to the cause of the mold to fix it.

Clean joints of limescale, grease and dirt

Also lime, grease and various other dirt prefer to deposit in the depths of the joints. For thorough cleaning, we recommend the following active ingredients:

  • Baking powder, put in a little water
  • Rinse aid for the dishwasher
  • shampoo
  • orange peel
  • Citric acid, diluted
  • Vinegar essence, diluted

First of all, test out the acids in a concealed location to make sure that you do not destroy your joints with them. The alkaline mortar may react with too high an acid!

Orange peels are a particularly pleasant scented remedy for cleaning entire tile surfaces including the joints. However, they only help with less stubborn dirt.

Cleaning the joints with the steam cleaner

The steam cleaner has proven to be a particularly powerful tool for getting tiles and joints clean again. Another advantage is that you do not have to work with chemicals.

At the same time, however, the steam cleaner is also an expensive remedy for soiled tiles. You may be able to borrow a device for a single use in the hardware store for a fee.

In the direct humidity range, the hot steam may be of benefit from the shower or the faucet in order to dissolve the dirt in the joints. Steam your joints for a few minutes before scrubbing them with the brush.

Tips & Tricks

If the grout material is intact, but the surface dirt can not be removed, you still have the option to color the grout. By choosing a different hue than the previous one, you can visually change the entire surface.

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