Handicapped lift - prices and costs at a glance

For barrier-free living, many initially only think of individual steps within the apartment and smaller edges. But this also means that people with mobility problems can move freely between their floors in their house or in a public building. Unfortunately, this is still not the case everywhere. Here is an overview of the costs for a handicapped elevator.

Regulation on regulation

In the meantime, hardly anyone can fight through the jungle of the various norms and ordinances. Until 2011, barrier-free housing was regulated under DIN 18025. However, this was withdrawn and replaced by the DIN 18040-2 barrier-free construction.

Although it is hard, crucial to any grant and any promotion is always compliance with the relevant regulation. Especially with the masses for a handicapped lift accuracy is important. In addition, all subsidies must be requested before starting the construction project.

Handicapped elevator - different types

Both a simple transport platform, which moves like a stairlift, can serve as a handicapped lift. It is cumbersome and slow. In contrast to a simple lift, a lift for people with reduced mobility or wheelchair users must be larger. This makes it even harder to retrofit a disabled lift in an existing building.

In many cases, therefore, the elevator shaft is simply attached to the outside of the facade. This also makes it easier to remove further access obstacles.

  • Platform lift stairs
  • Platform lift / lifting platform up to a height of about 2 meters
  • Lifting platform outside to about 3 meters of lifting height
  • closed elevator inside
  • closed elevator outside

Costs and prices

If a second-hand elevator is to be selected, it must be seen how old the model is. This includes the review of all necessary safety precautions. An emergency stop switch and emergency lowering mechanism are important and necessary for a disabled lift. Should the model be so old that such elements are not yet installed, the purchase makes no sense.

Similarly, a safety gear for the deceleration and a safety circuit should be installed in a used disabled elevator. With a new lift such things are self-evident. The TÜV would not allow a new disabled elevator without these points.

As with our small list above, the prices of a lift that will carry both heavy electric wheelchairs and people with a walker are also increasing.

Examples of lifts for the disabled

  • Platform lift for the stairs up to 20 steps
    at most 1 curve
    Emergency battery operation possible
    from about 18,000 EUR
  • Lifting platform indoor up to 1.50 lifting height
    about 3,500 EUR
  • Handicapped elevator in building up to 2 floors
    2 stops
    with appropriate tags
    with elevator shaft
    without emergency battery operation
    from about 50,000 EUR
    up to 3 levels of delivery height
    3 stops
    including conversions
    including elevator shaft
    with emergency battery operation
    Security system included
    from about 75,000 EUR
  • Handicapped lift outside up to 10 meters
    2-3 stops
    without building conversions
    with closed shaft
    from about 40,000 EUR

Maintenance and follow-up costs

There must not be a 60-watt bulb more permanently in an elevator today. On the one hand, there is now cost-saving LED lighting and, on the other hand, a good control system can put the elevator between the rides, so to speak sleep. The fan is then turned off just like the lighting after a certain period of non-use.

Even the engines for the elevator drive are now available in power-saving versions, which can also be better controlled down when the elevator is not needed.

Tips & Tricks

Even handicapped lifts for outdoor use are already needed today. In this case, such an elevator can be installed almost as easily with little adjustments as a new lift. With a little luck, up to half of the purchase price can be saved here. You should just ask the manufacturers for it.

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