Dishwasher - economically and ecologically sensible

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Dishwasher - economically and ecologically sensible: ecologically

bbs / Ke. Whether once a day or once a week. Many Germans are still swinging their own washing-up brush and doing a grudging job, which is one of the most unpopular in the kitchen. This is economically and ecologically nonsensical, say anyone who can take the rinsing off a dishwasher. And they are right. When washing by hand you use up at least twice as much water, energy and money like machine washing.

And it also costs an unnecessary amount of time - up to 213 precious hours a year. That's what scientists have calculated and delivered an astounding number.

In the course of 25 years housewives or housewives wash a stack of dishes that reaches ten times the height of the Cologne Cathedral, about 1570 meters. Modern appliances consume as little water as ever: Behind this are many new technical developments, such as energy-saving heat exchangers, integrated instantaneous water heaters for faster water heating and economical upper basket washing.

They can handle everything flushed, even with things that were previously too big or too dirty for a dishwasher. Voluminous cake sheets, glued grills, greasy metal filter from the hood, glass plates from the fridge. Everything will be rinsed clean with temperatures up to 70 degrees Celsius and dried almost germ-free.The modern dishwashers fit in all kitchens - even with 95 centimeters working height. Fully integrated, they hide completely behind a firmly mounted kitchen furniture door and with integrated models, only the control panel is visible.

(Source: Medienservice Berlin)

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