The dishwasher suddenly makes noises

If the dishwasher suddenly starts to make noise, two causes are most likely. Either the water flow technology is no longer working properly due to soiling or moving mechanical parts are unbalanced. Both can be fixed yourself.

Assess the type of noise

A first important assessment is made by the nature of the sound. The smoother the sound, the more likely a mechanical cause. If it is a humming noise, drive or engine malfunction is expected. Such a defect may also be present if the dishwasher squeaks or whistles.

If the entire enclosure hums, the flush arms and all other moving parts should be checked. An evenly distributed humming, which can lead to the slight vibration of the dishwasher, often indicates clogged components.

Empty test run can help

Bouncing and irregular noises are also caused by incorrect loading of the dishwasher when the rinse arms encounter too high a crockery or cutlery. This option should first be excluded by a trial run when empty. If the noises also occur when empty and / or sound clacking, the cause is often a damaged seal.

How to eliminate the noise of your dishwasher

  • butter
  • New dish soap type
  • New rinse aid
  • New salt
  • screwdriver

1. Clean the dishwasher

First check that all standard cleaning has been done thoroughly. These include the filter, the spray arms and all other components that must be kept clean according to the manufacturer's instructions.

2. Change detergent brand and dosage

In some cases, the dishwashers do not tolerate every type of detergent or dosage. Halve tabs or switch to powder. Try a new rinse aid and a different salt.

3. Grease seals

If you suspect that seals may have been damaged, flush out with the highest temperature and place a slice of butter on the bottom of the machine. If the noise does not disappear, you must replace the shaft seal on the circulation pump.

4. Check screws and fastening

Check all screws on the slide guides, in the door lining of the dishwasher and anchoring the entire machine.

Tips & Tricks

If you suspect that the noise is caused by an engine, you should call for service. The risk of a short circuit or fire is given.

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